Microsoft Has Purchased Havok, A Company That Makes Middleware Physics Software

Microsoft has purchased Havok, a company that makes middleware physics software. Havok's technology is used in various video games including Dark Souls II and Mortal Kombat X. And now Microsoft owns it!

Check out the blog post here. For a big list of games using Havok (a big one), look here.


    This is a big deal. Havok is the only major physics middleware that openly support third party hardware.

    Anything that helps MSFT sweeten the deal for FROM is good in my books.

    Did not see that coming, Havok is used in everythinnnng far out

    First time I've heard of Havok since the days when having "physics" in your game was a selling point

    I wonder if Microsoft will allow Havok to continue to be used on competing platforms (while MS get licensing fees) or whether they won't. There are other options out there...PhysX and Vortex probably being the most notable of them.

    Wish more companies would use Havok rather then making their own BROKEN physics system (I'm looking at you Gaijin). Lets hope they don't make it more expensive for developers to get Havok, if anything it should be a open-source free-to-use until you actually make a commercial product, for everyone.

    Not sure how they do it ATM, but there are many devs who don't want to use Havok for some reason. Some complain the Havok engine simple doesn't work with procedural worlds...

    Just wondering, does Assassin's Creed series uses Havok for clothes physics?

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