Prey For The Gods Is Basically Shadow Of The Colossus, For The PC

Prey For The Gods Is Basically Shadow Of The Colossus, For The PC

A bleak landscape, battles against massive enemies which you can climb over…Prey for the Gods is as Shadow of the Colossus as you can get without actually playing Shadow of the Colossus.

The game’s description even says “you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter”, in case you hadn’t picked it up already.

Not that I’m down on such blatant inspiration! It’s been over a decade since Shadow of the Colossus, so it will be interesting to see what someone else does with the formula, and Team Ico’s classic never appeared on PC or Mac, the platforms Prey for the Gods is hitting.


  • Yes.

    EDIT: Fuck these people in the comments annoy me saying how it is copying SotC. Have they played ANY horror game recently. Have they played ANY FPS recently. What the fuck is wrong with people.

    • There’s literally only one post that’s actually complaining about the fact it “rips off” SotC. The others are happy to have anything like SotC. Chill, bruh.

    • Except HORROR and FPS is a genre! SoTC isn’t a genre, climbing titan sized bosses with hair isn’t a genre, being a character with a leather poncho and bow and arrow isn’t a genre! What part of blatant copy do you not comprehend? “Fuck these people” no fuck you moron, if you’re an indie dev make a name for yourself by creating new content, moving the industry forward, not blatany stealing what is basically a masterpiece of a game SoTC. Acquire some morals/integrity and stop defending this copy/paste garbage!

    • People figured more games like Dark Souls would be great until Lords of the Fallen came along.

      • Dark Souls itself was hardly a totally original idea, it was a mishmash of genres that blended well and worked great. Just because one game sucked doesn’t mean they all will. This game looks interesting and despite the fact it obviously plagiarises SOTC, it can still turn out to be an awesome game.

        • LotF tried too hard to be like DS; it’s way too early too judge whether Prey for the Gods will try too hard to be like SotC but very early indications are that it’s shot right past being an homage.

          I’m all for devs adopting the over-sized monster mechanics of SotC. Monster Hunter 4U introduced mounting monsters and climbing on the environment, and my mind is already feverish with visions of a future MH where players can simultaneously clamber over a gargantuan monster.
          The future I see for something like Prey for the Gods is me sitting down, having a blast and climbing about like a maniac in the snow, yet cringing whenever the devs throw something up, like the specific fur rendering they’ve used, that says “Look how much we’re like SotC, aren’t we smart”.

          Long way to go and I expect, at the least, that I’ll enjoy reminiscing while I play (assuming MH doesn’t make my dreams come true first), even if the devs dared not draw outside the lines.

  • I can’t wait to try this, looks awesome! I really want a proper remake, as SotC is one of my all time fav games ever made.

  • Is it a blatant, perhaps shameless copy of SotC? Yes. Is there any other realistic way we’ll have /more/ SotC? Nope. Might as well embrace these, er, “spiritual successors”.

  • I love it when tools who’ve never played SOTC jump on a bandwagon and pretend like it’s the shit.

    • I agree. I never ‘got SOTC. Seemed very boring and dull to me. The new version revealed recently looks even worse.

      But each to their own……if others enjoy it, good luck to them.

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