A Walkthrough Of The Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus HD Remakes

Game Trailers has a couple of walkthrough vids of the upcoming Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes and they are both looking incredible. Personally, since I always felt that Shadow of the Colossus was just a step too far for the PS2 hardware, I can't wait to replay one of my favourite games of all time with a solid framerate!

The above video takes an in-depth look at Shadow of the Colossus, and below we get a look at the HD remake of Ico.

Shadow of the Colossus, in particular I think, is looking pretty incredible.

Yorda's Escape Walkthrough [GameTrailers]

Ageless Walkthrough [GameTrailers]


    Yeah, that's the biggest thing I want out of this - SotC at a steady framerate. It just bit off a little more than the old PS2 hardware could chew (although it was still an amazing looking game there).

    And yeah, having it so it doesn't look horrible on an HDTV would be nice, too - I tried it on the PS2 a while back and it didn't look to sharp on the big HD screen.

      I purchased a new, unopened copy of SotC from Ebay about a year ago and fired up my dusty PS2 on my HDTV. It just looked... aged. Beautiful, but aged. I still enjoyed it.

      I've never played Ico, but I'm looking forward to it. I know it is Thom "Wacky" Yorke's favourite game.

        I don't know what makes him wacky, but in any case, you've got the wrong Radiohead band member. Ico is Jonny Greenwood's favourite game.

    I recently got a cheap copy of SotC and dusted off the old PS2 to give it a spin.
    Unfortunately, it just doesn't look any good on a big screen.
    It's a shame, because it is a great game, but it's difficult to appreciate when you struggle to have it looking even presentable.

    Maybe I was just more forgiving when consoles were lower resolution.

    All they need to do now is release this on 360.

      That is about as likely as the Halo remake coming out on PS3.

        Last I checked, Ico and SotC weren't flagship titles for the Playstation so no, completely different to Halo appearing on the PS3

          Team Ico - the developers, are owned by Sony. derp

    Really looking forward to this as these are probably my 2 favourite non-RPG PS2 games.

    I always thought the girl in SotC was dead, rather than unconcious though. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention when I played the game :P

      I'm sure we were told she was dead. As I recall, that was the reason for bringing the sword.

    There was a developer postmortem of SotC by I think Fumito Ueda (but might have been by the development lead) where he talked about all the tricks and hacks they had to do to get the game to do what it does on the aging PS2 hardware. It's pretty interesting. Stuff like faking depth of field and HDR lighting, the way they did the fur and so on.

    While the PS3 versions look stunning and promise rock solid framerates and everything, we really should be careful not to take away from the fact that the original game was a very impressive technical achievement, even with the slowdown.

    SotC on my 50in in 3D, bring. it. on.

    I hope the last guardian runs this smoothly when it comes out.

    Missed out on these on PS2 ... HD remakes will be high on my priority list for sure.

    Holy shit man. The game's $39 at Ozgameshop. GET IT NOW

    It's hard to listen to that guy talk about SoTC... it's equal parts "He doesn't seem to have really played the game very much" and "He knows just enough to possibly ruin the experience through slight spoiler-ish comments for whoever hasn't played the game yet."

    It was frustrating. But the actual game looked just as magnificient as ever :)

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