The First Five Minutes Of Archer Pinball, With A Side Of Bob's Burgers 

Three years ago we ran a story titled "Oh, Dear God, Please Let an Archer Pinball FX 2 Table Happen." Guess what?

Released this week as part of the "Balls of Glory" pack for Zen Studios' various pinball platforms, the Archer table joins offerings from other popular animated television shows, including Bob's Burgers and Family Guy. American Dad was also included, I am assuming because they needed four, they already have a South Park table and rights to The Simpsons weren't available.

I am a big fan of Archer. Perhaps that is an understatement, as my two children, Archer and Seamus, are named after characters in the show. They may have been last-minute substitutes for our original choices, Professor Omega and Doctor Moonpie, but the love is still there.

As a special added bonus, since I spent less time focusing on the game and more time forgetting the names of my voice acting heroes, I threw in a little Bob's Burgers at the end. You're welcome.


    I will be finishing up my pinball cabinet this weekend, perfect timing!

      Do you have a youtube video? Just seen these ( So awesome.

    Do you actually have two children called Archer and Seamus?

    Bonus points if he was "the wee baby Seamus".

    Wait wait wait wait you actually named your wee baby SEAMUS.

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