The UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion Has A Video Game Problem

The UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion Has A Video Game Problem
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UFC Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier beats people up for a living. In his spare time? He beats up video game controllers.

Daniel Cormier is fresh off his very first title defence — a five round war with Swedish superstar Alexander Gustafsson — but in an interview before the match he discussed video games. More specifically, just how seriously he takes them.

He has an “Xbox controller graveyard”, controller shattered all over his room. He doesn’t take too kindly to losing. In the cage or out of the cage.


Because man, I don’t know if I can take anything Cormier says seriously — particularly when it comes to video games. Not after this travesty — a staged online twitter argument between Cormier and Gustafsson riddled with Halo 5 hashtags. Was this interview just another word from his sponsors? YOU TELL US DANIEL!

Regardless, for the folks following along at home: the fight between Cormier and Gustafsson was absolutely sensationAL. A genuine fight of the year candidate. In a weird way it was almost video game like. It was about as close as a fight can possibly be. Cormier won via split decision with one judge scoring the bout for Gustafsson and the other two scoring it for Cormier.

Cormier apparently broke his foot during the fight ad Gustafsson won’t be able to fight for six months. So they’ll both have plenty of time to play Halo 5.


  • I really wish you’d wait more than a day or 2 before posting this or at least not have a photo of the winner on the home page. I don’t always get to watch it on a Sunday night.

    • Video was published Oct 2…

      He was the champ then no matter what – and if you dont want spoilers STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET!!!

      Besides the fact there’s been a day or two since Sunday… Morning… When it was on…

      • There are spolier warnings for a reason, heck they even have them in the comment posts.

        A day or two… and everybody should have watched it by now… yeah right

        • Ummm… Sorry – you want the world to wait for you to catch up?! No you missed it. you didnt get it on PPV so any way you were hoping to watch later this week is probably dodgy as shit anyway – And you have the right to complain why?! Because you missed the bus? Pffft

          • What the hell are you on about? I would prefer that there was a warning about the spoiler…. that is all. Is it really that hard?
            You make a lot of assumptions…. what, because I’m don’t have PPV? I do hve the right to complain seeing as the fight was two nights ago, and has not been shown anywhere else. So because I don’t have PPV I should just stay off the internet… yeah… sounds like the logical thing to do… don’t worry about just putting in two simple words “spoiler ahead”, no I should just completely stay off the internet instead…

          • It’s not a spoiler if its a few days later… This is after all the internet…

            Now if you were to head to a UFC blog within 24 hours of the fight, then maybe, but you are expecting that everything you haven’t seen becomes a spoiler… NO – You need to have some self control too! You clicked on a link about the UFC champ with a pic of DC on there… That had a video that was posted the Friday before the fight…

            You made the assumption no one else and you did it by letting yourself click on links!

          • lol a few days later? You have to be kidding. So what, spoilers only apply on the next day?

            A spoiler is relevant for months after the fact, I’ve seen articles written a year after and they still use spoiler tags, that is a bit much but they remain relevant for quite some time. Definateyl more then a few bloody days. Its a courtesy, and is really not that hard to do. It doesn’t affect those who have seen the fight, and keeps those that haven’t prepared so that they know not to read on…. really, its not hard

          • Wahh wah wah – stop crying you baby and get on with your life

            No one has to provide you spoilers warnings… Thats that. You just expect too much dude.

            It’s also not that hard that if it was so important to you you would have been able to see it already?! Whinger… Casual UFC whinging fan… the worst type of fan who expects everything for nothing

          • @scarnon you need to get over yourself lol Real mature, and i’m the one acting like a baby, hilarious!

          • Get over myself?! Im not demanding anything from people just getting on with their lives… Im asking you to get on with it. Jog on moron

          • @scarnon Yup, really showing that maturity
            Whatever dude, its a thing called courtesy, you should read up on it.
            I’m done with this, kotaku normally use spoiler tags, so i’m sure it won’t even happen again anyway

          • “Real mature Bradley!”

            Oh wait – you probably too young… Dont go around throwing maturity statements around when someone is only mitigating your whinging

          • @scarnon man, you crack me up. Those assumptions again. You’ve got no idea of my age, and that is pretty rich coming from the one calling me things like ‘a baby’. What are we back in preschool?

            Anyways, this will be my last comment on the subject. My complaint was valid, simple as that

  • Dammit, that sneaky spoiler in the second paragraph! I’ve not seen the fight yet either 🙁
    I’ve been completely off facebook so as to not have it spoiled too lol maybe a ‘spoiler alert’ or something like that 🙂 i should have seen it coming though knowing it was an article about Cormy lol

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