Battleborn's Birth Date Pushed Back

Briefly: Battleborn has been delayed from February 9 of next year to May 3, according to publisher Take Two Interactive. That's a longer wait for the multiplayer-centric console and PC shooter from Borderlands studio Gearbox. The publisher recently delayed the next Xcom from this fall to February 2016.


    This game won't do too well. There was nothing interesting enough to pull me in from playing the technical test, these guys need something more unique...

      That's my feelings with it as well. There just isn't something unique about it. It's basically a first person smite without any of the interesting characters.

      Perhaps if they had exploited the Borderlands IP instead of crafting... Whatever battleborn is it could have been more interesting.

    Anyone played this, is it any good?
    Was kinda looking forward to trying it out at PAX but ran out of time Friday and it seemed to be broken all Saturday/Sunday

      I tried the technical beta last weekend.... Let me just say that I didn't bother finishing the first co-op mission.

      It just felt .... I dunno... clunky? obtuse? Like it was trying to be too cartoony? Maybe I just don't like the style but there was nothing interesting at all.
      Compared to something like Overwatch or TF2, it just felt very, very unpolished. There was just nothing to grab me.

    I did the tech test, was left underwhelmed. Open beta is before launch, so all can assess it.

    I think i played for less than 10 minutes.

    I should have given it some more time, I didn't.

    I got the the menu, chose a hero. I was put in a map with 1 other person. played a bit with using the different moves, but i wasn't too sure what any of them did damage wise.. Then i leveled up some skills. I was trying to be quick because some old mate was waiting for me to move on with him.
    I wasn't a fan of the play style for the character. Though there's a whole heap to choose from.

    I think the game has potential, but like all things it's 1000% better when you play with friends.

    I enjoyed the technical test, though I was playing with friends. Definitely better to have friends playing this game..

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