Some JB Hi-Fi Customers Still Haven't Received Their Fallout 4 Pre-Orders

Earlier this week we reported EB Games was having issues shipping out its exclusive Pip-Boy editions to customers. It now looks as though JB Hi-Fi is having a similar issue. It's a day after release and JB Hi-Fi's Facebook and Twitter accounts are currently swarmed with complaints. JB Hi-Fi promised day one delivery of Fallout 4, but many are still waiting for their games to arrive.

And on Facebook:

JB Hi-Fi has yet to respond officially on social media to the complaints. Some have been given a voucher in response to the delay, but we don't have word on whether that's a policy across all delayed orders or their being doled out on a case-by-case basis. It appears as though the $10 vouchers are only being provided to customers if their game was shipped by JB Hi-Fi late, not if it was delivered late.

JB Hi-Fi's social media manager seems to responding directly to complaints. He appears to be laying the blame with Toll, the company in charge of shipping the game to customers.

Either way, it appears as though a large number of customers who pre-ordered Fallout 4 on JB Hi-Fi won't be received their copy of the game until tomorrow at the very earliest. Not ideal. Consumers tend to pre-order as a means to guarantee a copy of the game at launch — that's essentially the point of pre-ordering.

We've contacted JB Hi-Fi for an official response, we'll update when we hear back.


    I received my copy at 12 30 yesterday from toll which surprised me given that it had to travel from the west to the south east of melbourne but it made it!

    Do people not read the Jb website?
    "Unless otherwise specified, pre-orders placed up to 7 days prior to the official release date will be despatched from our warehouse no later than one day prior to the official release date.
    If your pre-order is placed within 7 days of the official release date it may not be despatched until after the official release date. Please allow standard delivery times on top of this. "

    That is not a guarantee you'll receive it on release date.

      On the website they also stated that if ordered before November 4th that release day delivery was guaranteed for metro areas.

      hush with your logic talking, entitled gamers dont want to read terms and conditions, they just want to vent and bad mouth everyone except for themselves.

        This issue has nothing to do with anyone being entitled. It does, however, have everything to do with the supplier making a claim that they were, then, unable to meet, and failing the expectations of their customers. JB should have ensured that Toll would have the deliveries made on time. They are using a courier service, after all, not standard Auspost. It's good business.

          How does one company guarantee that another company will have a 100% success rate? That's simply not possible. I'm sorry for everyone who is still waiting for their copies but many people did get their copies on time, myself included. For all we know one of Toll's trucks got into a crash or something, no physical delivery can truly be 100% guaranteed.

          Sometimes suppliers have no control over the delivery service they use to deliver your goods. That's just the way it is, whether its a game or a lounge suite.

      Yep I saw this as well. Their warehouse is in Melbourne I think so anyone not in the metro areas of Melbourne wouldnt be getting it release day. If you were though and still didnt get it, you could probably have a whinge. I for one wasnt expecting it to arrive release day and I got it delivered to Melbourne CBD.

    I ordered from EB Games and am yet to receive it (AusPost won't even attempt until tomorrow), so I don't think it's a JB-HiFi-only problem at all...

      I only just got mine today, because EB Games did not bother to send it out til 6:30pm Monday.
      They then had the gall to try and blame Australia Post when I contacted EB CS about it.

    Not to rub salt into wounds (that's exactly what I'm doing), but I've got a perfectly good PS4 edition sitting on my desk, unopened, and unlikely to be played until the new year.

    Admittedly, it's not a JB preorder. JB are dead to me after detaining that kid with Downs in Brisbane (and the CEOs s'house management of it).

    Target/K-Mart also dead to me after GTA5-gate.

    Lesson: Suck up the cost. Go digital.

      Even with digital downloads, if you know where to buy from you can get it for a similar price online. Ozgameshop is a good example for providing pc, psn and xbox digital downloads for the same price as physical copies.

        A lot of digital Xbox game codes are actually selling Gamertags with a game linked to the account. Sounds dodgy. Also, codes that are meant for another country can be disabled by MS after you start playing.

          Microsoft never disables games purchased from another region. Only if there is foul play involved - i.e. purchasing codes that are not for resale. It is a region-free console after all.

      The incident you're speaking of, they *never* detained a kid with down syndrome. They barred him from entering the store, that was it. He was never taken into custody, held in a room or what not. It *was* a crap situation that got blown out of hand, not helped at all by the sisters quest for compensation rather than a genuine apology as well, but he was definitely never detained.

        I'll defer to your recollection of events, perhaps A Current Affair used the term and it stuck in my mind. My main gripe is the CEO and the store manager's response. I would have dismissed the sister's carry-on (and I agree, there was a lot of it) if they both just bent over, took the kick in the arse they deserved and moved on (instead of digging their heels in even more when the media when sniffing around).

          Mistakes happen in every workplace, and in a customer service based one, mistakes can piss off customers. I don't understand why people get so angry with other people doing their job. Who seriously hasn't made a mistake at work that has affected someone else negatively. It isn't the end of the world.

          Also seperate topic, people saying they're taking things to ACCC for false advertising happens way to often. Most of the time you'll find the company hasn't done anything wrong. Sure you can be upset, but no need to get aggressive about it. I had someone call up and complain to me for a full 5 minutes yesterday because they bought Fallout 4 on PC, and they didn't receive a full product (Apparently because 25Gb has to be downloaded).

          Finally, to all those people complaining about not receiving their copy on launch, hell just go to EB, buy a copy to play immediately, and then return it when you receive the copy you ordered. Shit ain't hard.

          The Ceo replied and apologised on the day. What got me was the sister automatically jumping on the discrimination bandwagon when it had nothing to do with discrimination. She ended up presenting herself as opportunistic to be frank. It was a horrible situation for the guy involved and his dad but unfortunately she exacerbated it a fair bit with her online ranting. The CEO's letter read fine to me, and to many others who could see what he was getting at, however again, she was never going to be open to an amicable solution.

            Yep, I was under the impression the store manager was being a pr*ck but that top level JB people apologised; and I assume got the store manager to pull their head in. I dont think its really worth boycotting all of JB over, perhaps that one store if anything...

    If it needs to be delivered via courier to you, always expect delays, there is too much to go wrong that can cause delayed deliveries. Very bad publicity for JB and EB promising release day deliveries. I always pick up if i can or download digitally (which it looks like even the physical copies require huge digital downloads for FO4).

      I'd like to see where they promised this... not that it matters but the only thing I saw when I was pre ordering was that it would be shipped the day before release and normal postage/shipping times would apply after that time.

    Everyone is giving JB shit for this, but it really IS Toll's stuff up. I can't believe the arrogance of people demanding a refund, threatening to take it to the ACCC etc.

    Talk about first world problems...

      It does seem out of proportion but if jb have promised something and failed to deliver, compensation is deserved. In this case some people were promised delivery on release and this was not provided.

      That being said, most people complaining were likely those who were not promised delivery.

        I just have an issue with everyone blaming JB HiFi and seeing the issue with Toll as a cop out or as a scapegoat. At the end of the day Toll would have an ETA on delivery times within an acceptable period when JB got them to send all the packages. As soon as Toll picks up the games they are literally and figuratively out of JB's hands. How can they control what a third party logistics company does?

      Hey Ashigaru, I'm the guy on the tweet that threatened to take it to the ACCC. It wasn't arrogance, I am more than entitled to complain to the ACCC. It was stated on the JB website that if you preorder before the 4th of november they will get the game to you on release day. Now I paid them my hard earned money, they have a responsibility to carry out that said service. So try seeing it from my point, I took two days off from work to play, I have my two kids with me those two days so it wasn't like I was playing going to play 24/7. Only when I had put them down to sleep. And plus out of all the titles I wanted so damn much this year it was Fallout 4. Didn't want anything else but Fallout, so for JB to go and make a delivery promise like that and not deliver? Bullshit. I waited at home with the kids both yesterday and today, could've taken them out but with literally no communication from JB on facebook I had no choice but to wait.
      So now I've got it, it's installed. But you know what? This whole thing has ruined the game for me, I'm just too pissed and disappointed to play. Call it overacting or what not but that's how I feel. And you know what, JB haven't even given nothing in terms of failing to follow through on what was stated on their advert. That to me is false advertising, that's why I threatened action with the ACCC, which btw I've already lodged. JB in no way have given any sort of compensation for today nor yesterday. $10 coupon? PLEASE.

      Last edited 11/11/15 10:27 pm

        I can't find a way of answering your situation without you potentially blowing up further, so I'll just say this. Your situation absolutely sucks. There's no other way to put it. To take time off work on release day, and to look after the kids. It's a kick in the balls. Just try and be patient though. The last thing you want now is to ruin the game you've been waiting for. Just get in there and enjoy it, the worst part of the debacle is over.

          Yeah I had a reply all typed up but it was inflammatory... He's obviously pissed because its affected his plans. But perhaps his plans should include some overlap in case the game didnt arrive. I never get why people insist on taking time off work to play something they dont have in their hand. Take time off the week after release maybe?

          I can understand the frustration but just go to JB and say they claimed it would be delivered, it wasnt, they made the claim so to provide compensation. They arent going to refund the game price, or compensate you in lost wages or provide a nanny to look after your kids. I mean gain some perspective maybe.

          Ok it became a little inflammatory anyway. My bad.

            Yeah i didn't want to go down that path, nooblextc is already pissed enough. And fair call, we all hate it when our plans go to shit. But yeah... How many releases have I seen go awry? Too damn many to be honest. That's why I hope he can just take a step back, say "stuff it, I have the game now" and get on with it :)

            Mickmok - I did call JB, they said they couldn't do anything because the item was already on it's way being delivered. They claimed they didn't have any on pc anyways, so not much luck. And hey, you're entitled to your opinion. Launch day was just a whole mess of shit and really JB not helping made it worse. First there was no delivery, then that Wade guy only replied to specific people when there were heaps of us asking for help, it was mainly the silence that was making me boil over. I shot JB two emails asking where my delivery was and low and behold, no replies to both of them. Eventually I got his attention cuz I made sure the world knew the BS that was going on through FB and Twitter, he offered no compensation whatso ever except to shoot us an email regarding the delivery. Duh, I've done it twice already. So yea, I was pissed off.

          I was a bit hesitant to write here but to be honest this whole debacle with JB has brought a lot of firsts lol. That was actually my first preorder online with JB, never again. Then, it was my first time to post on Kotaku lol. I'm actually surprised with the replies here, I was expecting to get torn to shreds but it was the exact opposite. To cap it all off I only got an hour in out of the entire two days off I had planned, first there was the delivery. Then Bethesda had the balls to only have 5gb out of 25gb needed to install the game, wtf guys. Then launching the game itself was a pain in the ass as I had to mod the ini files to allow the game to go full screen at my native resolution.
          After all this I can really see the appeal in consoles, at least you don't have to go through all the bs with trying to get the game to run on pc. Just pop the game in and play.

            Yeah no... Consoles still have update patches etc. The game goes gold well before release date and often the team is still ironing out the bugs for day 1 patching...

            You've learnt a harsh but valuable lesson, pre-ordering requires patience because games rarely run ok on day 1!!!

        Genuine question - how far do you live from an actual JB Hi Fi store?

          If you are referring to me I have two stores that are close to me, both had no copies available during launch day

        shit happens

        "Unless otherwise specified, pre-orders placed up to 7 days prior to the official release date will be despatched from our warehouse no later than one day prior to the official release date.
        If your pre-order is placed within 7 days of the official release date it may not be despatched until after the official release date. Please allow standard delivery times on top of this. "

          I was well aware of that fine print but on their website it stated "Preorder by November 4th and get the game delivered on release day". If they had not put that online offer up then I would have just gone in store to get the game. I have never ordered through JB online before so it never occured to me that delays would happen. The fact though that they advertised that and totally did not follow through on that promise was bullshit, yea, shit happens but it didn't need to happen. Just don't make a claim like that especially when they knew they would get a mountain of orders online on that price alone. Yea blame Toll too but for sure they would have predicted how difficult launch day was going to be somehow. That's my 50 bottlecaps anyways

    I received mine launch day, at around 11am. Considering they were coming from Melbourne, and I live inbetween Sydney and Canberra, I got it pretty quick.

    I got mine before midday

    I know what these people are saying I still haven't had my copy of star craft 2 delivered. Even though it is supposed to be a pre order release

    oh look another Fallout Hate piece, you could have put this with the other few similar stories but no for some reason you guys here are really selling this OMG Fallout problems aaaaaaahhhh thing. EB has issues, GAME has issues, JB has issues... gee um what do all of them have in common? maybe there is a supplier issue?! (or in this case delivery problem) Australia is not alone in this.

    Yes its bad their are issues, but just build a bridge with all these stories.

    Last edited 11/11/15 5:09 pm

      Dunno why you got a downvote from someone on this. So have one to neutralise it. Also upvote for the fact that the only people bitching about fallout are those not currently playing it/enjoying it XD

      How is this a Fallout hate piece? If anything its a JB Hifi/Toll hate piece.

        Oh a downvote and no response. How noble of you sir.

        How is this a hate piece on Fallout? Quite simple, Fallout 4 is still plastered all over the article. It's the language used, negative connotations associated with the Fallout 4 launch. Looking at the articles over the last 2 days I'd definitely lump this in as a drum up/hate piece pretty easily.

    Still waiting for Diablo II

    Toll is to blame, not JB. Why anyone use Toll is beyond me.

      I've hardly had any issue with Toll. It's StarTrack you need to watch out for as (from memory) it's owned by AusPost.

    At least it's not as bad as when I ordered Bloodborne from Mightyape, from memory it didn't arrive until a full 5 days after the release date. From that day I swore I would NEVER order any big releases that I wanted to be playing on launch day off the internet. AusPost is extremely shit and wouldn't trust them to deliver anything on time.

    Mine was shipped on Saturday and arrived today (but it had to negotiate the work mail system on the way).

    So glad I didnt jump on that pre-order offer as I expected this to happen.

    EB price matched it from $99 to $58 anyway lol.

    Last edited 11/11/15 5:21 pm

    I received mine around 10am on launch day. I was pleasantly surprised. JB usually takes around 3 days to get to me.

    Despite the guarantee if I ever really want to play something on launch day I avoid the gamble and I don't order online. Even if the store ships on time there are to many things that can go wrong once it has left their hands, completely out of their control.

    For me, ordering games online is a convenience but with that convenience you loose some reliability of exactly when you are going to be getting it. If I really can't wait I will get myself down to a store.

    Heh. From my experience with JB, they've never shipped any pre-order of mine until 1 day before release. So I always end up getting my order a week after release & broken thanks to Aus Post, I wish they would let me select a faster postage option. Granted this is CD's, but even so I was under the impression it was the same deal for games.

      Probably because they don't get stock until the last minute. Also an inability to ship over the weekend kind of screwed them. Yay logistics!

        I doubt it honestly. From what I gather they would have it at least a week in advance at the warehouse & stores generally have stock 2-3 days before launch.

          Yeah but again, if they're only releasing the stock to be shipped a few days before... You're still looking at a loss of 2 business days thanks to the weekend. I'm just pointing out that everyone is quick to blame JB but in reality it's more likely Toll's issue.

          People just need to chill out.

      There are embargos on when they are allowed to ship games. If they physically shipped them any earlier than the day before the chance is it gets to the customer before release and they get into trouble.

        Yeah, this is exactly what I thought and why things were only shipped the day before. It's even the same with a lot of music, which I get. But some jackass always leaks albums weeks in advance anyway these days.

    Well, mine literally just arrived via Toll which was a surprise! I only paid 99c for shipping and had received no tracking number or anything else that would indicate it was arriving by courier. The website/emails kept going on about standard mail delivery times, so I was expecting it to arrive on Friday if I was lucky, Monday if I wasn't. Instead, I have it in my hands at 5.40pm day after launch. I can't complain about that.

      WHAT!! This is the internet, you totally could complain. I'm surprised you haven't demanded to get the ACCC involved and call A Current Affair!! ;)

      Enjoy it, it's so much fun :D

    Got woke up by my niece at 9am to mine getting delivered, disappointed I didn't get it on release day.

    Oh boo hoo! At least you all didn't plan holidays poorly like I did and end up spending a month in the USA haha (just light humour...but what's an extra day; patience is thy virtue :) )

    That all gone and said I did order a copy through Jb Hi-Fi and my roommate recieved it at midday. I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

    Also NB, TOLL guys didn't even grab a signature and dropped it off at my front door without knocking; lucky I had the roommate on scout duties for me haha

    Mine arrived in the mailbox yesterday.

    Literally in the mailbox - seems the slot in my mailbox was big enough to fit the satchel. Of course, applying 24GB of install/patches took a bit longer.

    Then Sword Art Online: Lost Song turned up today, so I have some busy days ahead of me... especially since I'm currently busy wading through (of all things) Dungeon Travelers 2. (Leaning heavily on a witch who wipes most enemy parties single-handedly - if she can survive long enough to get the spell off. Ah, glass cannons.)

    I got my copy from JB via Toll by midday yesterday. Didn't have time to play it yesterday anyway but got an hour or two before work today and it's freaking awesome so far :)

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