This Mega Man X Statue Costs $400

This Mega Man X Statue Costs $400

Briefly: New in First 4 Figures’ world of pricey collectible toys is this Mega Man X Zero statue. At 43cm tall, it comes in the usual flavours of Standard (two weapons) and Exclusive (two weapons plus LEDs embedded in the base and Zero), priced at $US260 ($359) and $US300 ($414). The statue can be pre-ordered here and here.


  • After years of doing absolutely nothing with the Mega Man series, Keiji Inafune quits Capcom, and now Capcom starts selling Mega Man stuff left, right and centre.

  • As someone who grew up with the sixth and seventh generations of consoles, I only got into Mega Man recently. And look, Mega Man X might have been the first MM game I beat, and it might be my favorite so far, but I am not paying $400 for a statue of Zero.

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