This Mega Man X Statue Costs $400

Briefly: New in First 4 Figures' world of pricey collectible toys is this Mega Man X Zero statue. At 43cm tall, it comes in the usual flavours of Standard (two weapons) and Exclusive (two weapons plus LEDs embedded in the base and Zero), priced at $US260 ($359) and $US300 ($414). The statue can be pre-ordered here and here.


    After years of doing absolutely nothing with the Mega Man series, Keiji Inafune quits Capcom, and now Capcom starts selling Mega Man stuff left, right and centre.

      Mega Man collectibles have always been a steady stream.

      Zero has been in UMvC3 and Project X Zone, and there was that fan release hybrid of MM awhile back but yeah we need a new MM game

    I'll wait for the TruForce version of Zero

    As someone who grew up with the sixth and seventh generations of consoles, I only got into Mega Man recently. And look, Mega Man X might have been the first MM game I beat, and it might be my favorite so far, but I am not paying $400 for a statue of Zero.

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