New Zealand-Made Jetpacks Get Ready For Public Demonstration

I don't think anyone could have predicted that the jetpack revolution would originate in New Zealand yet, here we are. The Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft Company (yes, the same guys who are outfitting firefighters in Dubai with their hardware) is preparing a public demo of its jetpack next month in China and has kindly filmed its contraption in action for our benefit.

What you're seeing here is the company's P12 jetpack soaring through the skies — though admittedly not that far up. While the dude in the clip doesn't take the 320kg (fully loaded) device into the stratosphere, it can get up to 3000 feet (914m) and cruise around for 30 minutes on 45L of regular petrol.

In that time the 150kW engines will take you a good 30-50km, depending on if you're going all out (74km/h) or just enjoying the views (56km/h).

I still think it'll be some time before we're all zipping through the air. As Mitchell and Webb once demonstrated in skit form, you can't just start selling jetpacks and expect everyone not to kill themselves.


Originally posted on Gizmodo.


    Only 30 minutes cruising time? Damn, if it was twice that I could probably get to uni and back with one of these and avoid traffic and/or trains.

    Is it still a jetpack when it looks more like a rideable vehicle? O_o

    I agree with the smurf. Look at the size of the frigging thing. I call it an aircraft. Still cool though.

    If it fails while in flight, just present yourself and the wreckage for a full refund.

    Still not exactly what we want though is it?

    You say jet pack, and you picture the sort from the film The Rocketeer... not strapping yourself to a washing machine sized platform. Same deal with those bloody hoverboards that aren't hoverboards.

    Can those be considered jets? they are actually just fans.

      "Fanny Pack" is already taken..

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