Philip K. Dick: The Video Game

Philip K. Dick: The Video Game

We've all seen movies, read books and played games inspired by the works of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. Californium is different. It's not a game about his worlds. It's a game about Dick himself.

While unable to actually use his name, Californium is a first-person title that mashes together various aspects of Dick's life and has you play through them (as writer Elvin Green), from his failed marriages to drug use to some of the stronger themes that run throughout his stories.

Philip K. Dick: The Video Game

Tying everything together is the incredible art of Olivier Bonhomme, chosen because developers Darjeeling and Nova Productions wanted to get away from the dreary, now-clichéd presentation of Dick's stuff you normally see in works like Blade Runner.

The game's coming in early 2016. There's a couple of trailers below, and you can read an interview with Californium's creators at Ars Technica.


    Will this include PK Dick's passtime of tripping on LSD then smoking meth and writing a story in one sitting?

    Oh wow,one of my favourite writers ever, in game form? I...I...I don't know how I feel about this at all. It's good he's getting exposure as his work was seminal for Sci fi but I'm not optimistic really

    I hope this is weird as hell to the point where it's barely even a game. A warts and all look at the man and his life would be a hell of a ride.

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