Fallout 4 Gives You The Facial Hair You Wish You Had

Briefly: War. War never changes. And thankfully, neither does Bethesda's volume of facial hair options (or penchant for snappy nicknames).


    Good to see the old Merv Hughes is one of the facial hair options.

    The article name is kind of funny for me, because my facial hair is glorious and amazingly mold-able and i have had close to EVERY one of the Fallout 4 Facial hair styles at some point in the last couple of years... no exaggeration:D

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      Lucky you... I'm half Mongolian. It's... Well, it's not great.

        Grass is always greener mate, there are days i hate having facial hair and unfortunately it grows so fast i cant leave it without shaving every couple of days., which is why too make the most of it i get creative :D

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      ... exhaduration

        I shit you not, thats what my work PC auto corrected it too.....

    Yeah, totally. I shave once a week. Have had the same disposable razor for 6 months. I'm 32. Guess I should be thankful that, eh? :-P

      Preach it, brother. I'm an actor, and I always have to ask months in advance if they're gonna need any facial hair for my part. And even then, I generally need to mascara my fu manchu to buggery to even make it visible on stage/screen. :p

        Yeah, I feel ya. Best I can muster is a sneaky, Mexican chin strap with a grade school moustache. Weak.

    Spent 30 minutes making my character last night. Easily could have spent the whole bloody night doing it.

    What preset eyes is this character using? My guy looks like he's had a shitty facelift.

    i tried to make Big Boss

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