Fallout 4 Looks Really Pretty With 100+ Mods

All images: Reddit (Lanetennis)

Your PC won't like it, but if you're determined enough it's possible to make Fallout 4 absurdly pretty.

User Lanetennis uploaded a small album of photos overnight from his Fallout 4 game. It's heavily modded, and when I mean heavily, I mean 100+ mods:

There's 136 installed mods in total, with 108 active mods and another 105 active plugins. Most of those are for tweaks and improvements in small areas: improved facial textures, better hair mods, photorealistic mods for the Commonwealth, overhauled textures for the stars, better lighting, nicer eyes on facial models, fuller clouds and fog effects, ENB presets, and much, much more.

You can view the full list of mods here, but you can some of the end effects below.

All images: Reddit (Lanetennis)

You can check out the rest of the gallery here. The list of the mods (most of them) can be found here, although if that list is a little too daunting we've got a handy guide below.

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    Would be nice if he posted some shots that aren't so dark you can't make out any details. Or is that just what his modded version looks like?

    The still shots are fine and dandy, but I'd prefer to see it in motion.

      You are seeing it in motion, in all its 0.01 FPS glory!

      I'm played with a lot of various ENB plugins and graphics mods, and I'm guessing it probably looks like garbage in motion. Seems like many of the 'make it pretty' graphics mods are focused on really pretty screenshots only.

    There's some crazy desaturation going on in a lot of those shots. His modlist shows F4ECC 1.2 but surely he's running F4ECC Gloom instead (which interestingly is the opposite of why F4ECC was created in the first place, to bring out the brighter colours with better contrast).

    Thanks to my 2000 hours in the game I can spot the exact locations in ever photo

    Looks very nice. I'm dreading the day I play FO4 actually because I know I'll be doing something like this. I only just started Skyrim (SE) for the first time this year, over 100 mods, spent a solid two weeks just modding the game and getting it working together before actually playing, still has some issues but 80 hours later I couldn't be happier with the experience. Even if I hardly get 40FPS at 1440p with a 1080Ti lol.

    Last edited 10/10/17 2:21 pm

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