The Fallout 3 Remake In Fallout 4 Is Coming Along Nicely

Capital Wasteland is a fan project that aims to remake Fallout 3 inside Fallout 4. Spoiler: it's looking good.

Last time we checked in with Capital Wasteland, the project was approximately 40% finished. The team has since released new footage showing off a quest showing off part of the Metro ruins and tunnels, as well as some fights with Super Mutants and a good old Super Mutant Behemoth.

There's no scheduled release date for Capital Wasteland, as is often the case with community mods this ambitious. But for more information, head to the official website and the official Discord.


    do ANY of these fan remakes of bethesda games ever get even closed to finished?

      Considering you are trying to organise a group of unpaid volunteers to basically do what a full game development team spent years doing

      Yeah.. They are cool ideas, but we'll never see them.

      Seems an odd choice too. F3 is still very payable with mods.

    I think the first thing I'd have done with a Fallout 3 remake would have been to make sure the tunnels were less of a excruciatingly long, grey drudge. If there's one thing Fallout 4 improved on, it's getting some more colour and variety into its environments

    Is this gonna be free or sold on the Creation Club, cause I'd gladly pay for it.

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