We Were Spared A Jurassic World Game

We Were Spared A Jurassic World Game

Some people actually liked Jurassic World. Good for them. For the rest of us, news that a video game had been in development but never made it to the finish line will be...an idle curiosity? A small blessing?

As fan site Jurassic World report, word got out in May that when Cryptic Studios North closed, the project they'd been working on had been a tie-in for the summer dinosaur blockbuster that was subsequently canned.

It's only this week, though, that assets for the game have turned up, giving us a look at some dinosaurs and a very strange-looking Chris Pratt.

We Were Spared A Jurassic World Game

Yes, I know, dinosaurs are cool. Remember, though: video games about dinosaurs are very rarely cool. And that goes double for anything associated with Jurassic Park.


    I actually really enjoyed the Sega Jurassic park game, I also recall the lost world game being fun trampling around as a T-Rex eating people :)

    Also actually haven't heard of many people having an issue with the Jurassic World movie :/ can someone elaborate ?

      I was just about to say the Jurassic Park Sega game was cool. Also people seem to like Ark: Survival a bunch...

      I wasn't a huge fan on my first viewing. I'm all for high concept films being big dumb fun - but the fun may have been a bit too 'dumb' in this one.

      My main issues are things like (SPOILERS BELOW):

      - The Indonimus Rex cage not having a second barrier - like most dangerous animal cages in real life have.
      - Why couldn't they tell Chris Pratt that the Indonimus had raptor DNA in it? It's not like he was on the board of directors, it just meant he would know what he was up against.
      - When the raptors go rogue why did they just keep going - everybody knows they are deadly animals that were going to be the key to killing the Indonimus. So once they are free, in the long grass, at night, why not just bail and come up with a new plan.
      - How does Lady in the Water not know anything about dinosaurs when she runs the worlds only dinosuar park?

      Stuff like that - just little niggly things that I find myself letting one or two slide but too many and I start tuneing out.

      I've watched it a couple times on bluray and now that I know those dumb moments I've chilled out on my opinion. It's still the best place to see a raptor launch off one dinosaur onto another in 4 on 1 fight.

      As with most things in life, my thoughts on the film are summed up rather well by Hulk. In all caps.


      TL;DR - it's a nasty little piece of work, where-in Jurassic Park was a scary, great fun adventure film, World is an unusually cruel collection of setpieces, with very odd characterisation and little thought for actual dramatic intent. Characters say one thing and do the opposite, not in a clever way, just in a lazy "we didn't really plot this out properly" way.

      I mean it's..... fine.... I guess, it will hold your attention for 90 minutes and there's some fun moments, but as a film it doesn't hold together, and certainly doesn't hold up under even the most rudimentary scrutiny.

      Dunno, just found it all a bit nasty rather than fun. I know many others loved it though so maybe it's just me :)

    Could have been good, dinosaurs are always fun lol

    The $1billion+ it took in the box office suggests more than just 'some people' liked it.

      I think Kotaku didn't like it so we all don't like it now

      I quite liked it. I'm not quite sure what wasn't to like, honestly.

    Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was the best game ever. I spent countless hours as a kid playing that game. I'd like to see a NextGen remake, even if its Jurassic World branded.

    The main image you have for this story, wasn't it a "game" on the Demo One disk that came with the Ps one?

    You would have to be stupid to complain about any game with dinosaurs.

    Jurassic park on Snes was amazing, take those comments back!!

    Errr.. I remember the SEGA game being fun. Also didn't mind Operation Genesis, pretty much a 'tycoon' game where you can release raptors on unsuspecting tourists... And I enjoyed the movie, certainly wasn't aware that it was panned by 'the rest of us'... :S

    Naughty dog or Crystal Dynamics should do a dino-crisis type adventure using either the tomb raider or uncharted engine. Story rich and full of dinosaurs. I would love it.

    Also I didn't mind Jurassic World, doesn't live up to the first movie and was a let down for how much good it could have been but despite that and it's plot problems I enjoyed it more than avengers 2 as a dumb action movie.

    I heard really good things about that movie when it hit but missed it myself. Will probably digitally rent it when it hits.

    Why is this guy always empowered by his ignorant tastes? It's like he resents reality and only wants to indulge what he feels...

    I liked the movie. Sure, the original movie was much more down to earth, gritty and serious, but Jurassic World was a fun romp in and of itself. It's not going to be a classic but it was a good popcorn flick.

    Now, if you turn your attention to Prometheus... There's a movie that was utter trash, everything from the plot to the script, and the only redeeming feature was its special effects, and yet everybody loved it. I don't get it.

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