These Jurassic Park 3D Dinosaurs Are Hilariously Bad

It's 8am at time of writing, but this is already the funniest thing I've seen today. Titled 'Realistic Dinosaurs' it replaces the (still) jaw-droppingly brilliant CGI of Jurassic Park with... less realistic CGI versions of the same dinosaurs. This is one of those clips where I can't really explain why I'm laughing, I just am.

This is Really 3D. A series of YouTube videos replacing movie scenes with terrible CGI. They even made a Flappy Bird vid for some reason.

And here's a Pokemon one...

Oh sweet lord, this Mario one is perfect!

Okay, there goes the rest of my day.


    Lol fuck this. Just a bunch of videos. I'm outa here.

      People just bashed Patricia for the exact same thing so gotta be consistent... slow news day mark?

    Why on earth is this considered newsworthy (even for the IRL). If it was relevant to anything I would be ok with it.

    Lol relax people, thanks for the laughs today ;D Mario one was funny

      At least there is one other person that doesn't have sand in their vagina :) I thought it was good for a laugh also.

    Yeah, I hate video's as much as the next guy, but these ones are classic. Pikachu's expression on the Pokemon vid was absolutely priceless.

    These are really funny. Everybody calm the hell down.

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