What It's Really Like To Work At Kotaku

What It's Really Like To Work At Kotaku

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Kotaku editor is like? Curious about what it's really like to work here? We've got just the podcast for you.

Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the well-known Destiny fan-site Kotaku. We also talk about our ideal Nintendo mobile games (hint: more things like BoxBoy!), answer a whole bunch of reader questions, and complain about the PlayStation Store's inconsistent schedule.

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If you want to submit a question to be considered for the next episode, you can email [email protected] Ask whatever you'd like!

Top photoshop by reader Divyansh


    I really like kotakus approach to presenting gaming and culture news. You guys cover niche games and original news that other sites generally won't cover. Also the layout is simple and clean which I appreciate. Keep up the efforts.

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    I do not care who works for Kotaku. Just deliver me interesting/current news about gaming and it's industry, and you have done your job. More than half of Kotaku's fanbase could easily write just as interesting articles as the employed journalists do, and quite frankly It wouldnt make a difference to me either way.

    ANYONE can send/receive e-mails, stalk forums and refer to external stimuli in order to create "news".

    Just give us gaming news ffs, we do not care about your internal hierarchy.

    I give them credit. It can't be easy to have everyone constantly judging and criticising your work in public, claiming they could do better (if they could, why don't they try doing it themselves?) and endlessly complaining, but continually returning.

    I only got a min in and found it painful to listen to.

    One thing I find lacking on Kotaku is beta keys for upcoming games for readers. Given how many tiny sites get 1000s of keys surely Kotaku could get some..

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