A Real-Life Shoryuken Would Knock Your Head Clean Off

A Real-Life Shoryuken Would Knock Your Head Clean Off

Video: Using the power of maths and science, Vsauce determined that an average-sized fist performing a Rising Dragon Fist would apply enough force to decapitate a normal human being. Then they built a dummy to test their work.

Jake and some special guests came to this conclusion by taking Street Fighter’s most powerful rising uppercut, courtesy of Ken Masters, and applying it to Russian wrestler Zangief. It would take a pretty tremendous amount of force to knock a man his size an entire body length into the air. Enough force that the normal human body wouldn’t survive the impact.

One day I will have a job that involves dismembering replica human bodies for science. Until then, I live vicariously through these guys.


  • Ermmm… technically Ryu’s Shoryuken is much stronger =P

    Ken’s the faster multi hitting one but each individual blow barely hurts.. Ryu’s doesn’t do multi hits but the singular hit itself actually hurts more.

    Sorry being a SF pedant xD

  • Would have been better if they covered the fact that if Street Fighters heads don’t fly off than they can survive it so the density and strength of the Street Fighters to begin with must be ridiculously high.

  • Given the height of even the most basic hops, I think we should conclude that what is different in SF universe is not physical strength and body density, but rather gravity.

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