Anime-Style Sex Scenes Can Make Good Meme Fodder

Anime-Style Sex Scenes Can Make Good Meme Fodder

Fate/stay night has spawned several mainstream console games and anime, such as above. The original visual novel, known for its engaging story, does have sex scenes. One Twitter user decided to one moment in particular would be perfect for a Photoshop meme.

In this scene from the visual novel, the character Sakura Matou lifts up her dress. Obviously, there are censored versions of this scene, and Twitter user Ore edited the image for some “crappy Photoshops”.

Here’s said edit, which has been retweeted over 6500 times:

And some of the ‘shops it spawned:
Top image: Naver [BS 11]


  • “Fate/stay night has spawned several mainstream console games”

    Um No, the games set in the fate universe(or more widely the nasuverse) aside from the visual novels(stay night, hollow ataraxia), which some of had a console release such as Fate/Stay Nights PS2 and Vita versions, but neither have ever been officially translated and released here and as such they cant be thought of as “Mainstream console games”.

    And pretty much all of the other fate based games have been a commercial failure (fate/extra ( and ccc) ) here or are extremely obscure/un translated such as fate/unlimited codes, tiger colosseum, fate/grand order.

    Sorry to mostly uselessly rant, but I am very passionate about fate, and this triggered me.

    • Wow, okay. That was moderated for … some reason.

      My main point was agreement that Fate in general isn’t really “mainstream”, at least not outside of Japan. It’s got a fan base, but most of those would mainly know the TV series and some of them may have played some of the visual novel. Apart from that, I don’t really think it has the pervasiveness this article seems to suggest.

      I mean for a start, all of these memes only have Japanese comments. “Mainstream in Japan” (and possibly only in a small clique – given half the memes are generated by images from Fate itself) is not really “mainstream”.

  • I don’t mind clicking on these articles to look at porn, but you really should friggin’ warn people if you are going to have pictures of Donald Trump.

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