Mob Psycho 100 Finally Gets Its Own Dank Meme

Mob Psycho 100 is definitively the shit. It's true. One tablespoon psychic kid, a quarter cup charlatan exorcist, strained, pressurised and mixed by One-Punch Man creator ONE is the recipe for an irresistible manga. But when baked by Studio BONES, it's essential sustenance for your anime diet. It's also the perfect set of ingredients for a dank meme.


Reigen, Mob Psycho 100's charlatan exorcist, is a goon — the right kind of guy to photoshop into stock photographs and viral images. Hot off the meme press is #RedrawReigen, an irreverent Mob Psycho 100 hashtag earning itself dozens of posts per hour.

Perhaps you are asking, Why? Why is this a thing? Dear reader, we don't have all the answers, and anime is an ineffable thing. But read on to satisfy your daily meme intake:


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