Explore Chernobyl From The Safety Of Your Couch

Explore Chernobyl From The Safety Of Your Couch

Polish game studio The Farm 51 — who are in possession of some very exciting graphics tech — are working on a virtual reality experience that will let users explore the ruined nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, along with the abandoned, nearby town of Pripyat.

Having scanned huge swathes of the area and recreated them in a 3D space, The Chernobyl VR Project will let users walk around and check out a place that’s been off-limits to most following its evacuation in 1986.

Players will be in the shoes of a documentary crew. Seeing as there are guns in the trailer below, hopefully you won’t have to spend half the time sneaking around in the grass.

The Farm 51 are looking at releasing the project on “multiple VR headsets, including Oculus, PlayStation VR, Vive or Samsung Gear VR”.


    • HAHA. I haven’t been big on the whole VR thing thus far, not because I don’t believe in it but because I like to see technology like this mature to a more mainstream and accessible level … but things like this make it look promising. Having two individual uses for project like this wouldn’t go amiss – a) for it to be educational and informative as an explorative walk around; and b) to make some sort of game based in that virtual world. The thought of a horror game set in a photo-realistic abandoned Pripyat makes me shudder.

  • I was in Kiev for the Euro’s back in 2012 and we did a tour of Pripyat. Pretty surreal experience walking through a sports stadium taken over by trees and the never opened amusement park.

  • I am weirdly obsessed with Chernobyl and Pripyat. I have multiple expensive coffee table books on it. I love it in a way I can’t explain or describe

    This will sell me a VR headset.

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