Here’s Every Game Confirmed For The Playstation VR

Here’s Every Game Confirmed For The Playstation VR

With the pricing for the three biggest VR platforms now released, Playstation VR seems to be solidly ahead as far as affordability. However it isn’t much use being cheap if the games aren’t there, so we’ve rounded up a list of (almost) all of the games that will be coming to the Playstation VR — as well as hand picking a few that you should be excited for.

As games are always being announced and cancelled, this isn’t a definitive list, though I’ve picked up as many that have been announced for the PSVR as I could find — along with a decent list of exclusives. There’s everything from simulators to first person shooters to puzzle games, with a healthy mix of ports and games that have been created specifically for VR. To begin with, here are our highlights.

What We’re Looking Forward To

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Studio: Supermassive Games
Exclusive? Yes

The original Until Dawn was one of the only Playstation 4 exclusives that made me glad I owned that console last year, and while Rush of Blood is set to be a completely different game, it’s looking to be a fun VR experience. This horror experience is an on-rails shooter — literally on-rails, as it sets you on a haunted rollercoaster. Still, Supermassive has promised that it will retain some of what makes Until Dawn what it is, such as the concept of branching timelines and making decisions. We’ll have to see how it turns out.

Eagle Flight

Studio: Ubisoft
Exclusive? No

This was one recommended by Kotaku UK writer Keza McDonald in this writeup of promising Oculus Rift games. Good news! It’s also coming to Playstation VR. With an exceedingly simple concept, Eagle Flight lets you fly as an eagle through Paris. Because why not?

The London Heist

Studio: SCE London Studio
Exclusive? Yes

The London Heist is one of the demos we played on the Playstation VR late last year, and you can see my thoughts on it in the video above (as well as our opinions on The Deep experience, also by SCE London Studio and coming to PSVR in some form or another). While not really my type of game at all, I still enjoyed London Heist thoroughly — simply because the controls, interactivity and experience are so well thought-out for the VR platform. I’ll be looking forward to playing the Heist as a full game.

Eve: Valkyrie

Studio: CCP Games
Exclusive? No

You’ve probably heard everyone who’s ever played it raving about the VR experience of EVE: Valkyrie. I haven’t played it. I really want to. Space dogfighting in a setting that makes sense with the movement limitations of VR games? Yes please. Luckily, it’s coming to multiple VR platforms.

Star Wars: Battlefront VR

Studio: EA DICE
Exclusive? Yes

Only just announced, it’s been called a ‘Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience’ rather than a full game, but as a Playstation exclusive it’ll still have some major pulling power for many potential players. Personally, I would find it hard to say no to Star Wars in VR no matter what it is (though someone out there should definitely consider making a podracer game in VR). We’ll have to keep an eye on this title and see how it shapes up towards the release of the Playstation VR.


Studio: Opaque Media
Exclusive? No

Earthlight is one of my favourite VR games that I’ve demoed to date, and is being produced in Australia by Melbourne’s Opaque Media. Earthlight is essentially a NASA astronaut simulator with crazy attention to detail. It also makes sense with the limitations of VR, as astronauts largely have to rely on their hands to get around in zero gravity (or microgravity) situation. While being incredibly accurate, it also has enough of a focus on story and character to classify itself as more than just a simulator game. Again, Earthlight is multi-platform, but it’s worth getting any sort of VR tech to play.


Studio: Highwire Games
Exclusive? Yes

Golem is a VR game where you control a giant stone golem — simple enough, right? The soundtrack was what drew me in with this short trailer, and the game has the potential to be both a beautiful and fun experience. It also sets up a kind of meta to explain the VR controls — you’re playing as a character who controls these golems without leaving his room. Convenient, right?


Studio: Drool
Exclusive? No

Thumper describes itself as ‘rhythm violence’ and after watching the trailer I couldn’t think of a more apt description for this intense rhythm-based game. Its demonic visuals and incredible sound design make Thumper the rhythm game to look out for on VR — among many, many others.

Robinson: The Journey

Studio: Crytek
Exclusive? Yes

Crytek is showing off their graphical prowess again with Robinson: The Journey, adding a fancy robot who sounds like Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan, and also dinosaurs. Sign me up. While the surprise Steam hit also featuring dinosaurs, ARK, will also be coming to Playstation VR, Robinson is exclusive to the platform, and also looks like a gorgeous game.

The Full List


Ace Combat 7

Studio: Project Aces


Studio: Evolution Studios

The Deep

Studio: SCE London Studio

Futuridium VR

Studio: MixedBag Games


Studio: Solfar Studios


Studio: Highwire Games

Gran Turismo Sport

Studio: Polyphony Digital

Harmonix Music VR

Studio: Harmonix Music Systems


Studio: Frame Interactive

Hyper Void

Studio: IN|Framez Technology

Joysound VR

Studio: Sony Computer Ent.

The London Heist

Studio: SCE London Studio

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

Studio: Vitei Backroom

Playroom VR

Studio: Sony Computer Ent.

PlayStation VR Worlds

Studio: SCE London Studio

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Studio: Double Fine Productions


Studio: Guerrilla Cambridge

Robinson: The Journey

Studio: Crytek

Shadow of the Beast

Studio: Heavy Spectrum Ent. Labs

Star Wars: Battlefront VR

Studio: EA DICE

Summer Lesson

Studio: Bandai Namco Games


Studio: Kokoromi

Tekken 7

Studio: Bandai Namco Ent.

Tumble VR

Studio: Supermassive Games

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Studio: Supermassive Games

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo

Studio: Truant Pixel

Wayward Sky

Studio: Uber Entertainment


100ft Robot Golf

Studio: No Goblin

Albino Lullaby

Studio: Ape Law

Allison Road

Studio: Lilith

The Apollo 11 VR Experience

Studio: David Whelan

Aquarion Evol

Studio: Satelight

Atom Universe

Studio: Atom Republic


Studio: Three One Zero

Among the Sleep

Studio: Studio

Ark: Survival Evolved

Studio: Studio Wildcard

The Assembly

Studio: nDreams


Studio: Rebellion Developments

Bebylon Battle Royale

Studio: Kite & Lightning

Chernobyl VR Project

Studio: The Farm 51

Classroom Aquatic

Studio: Sunken Places

Crystal Rift

Studio: Psytec Games

Cult County

Studio: Renegade Kid

Cyber Danganronpa VR

Studio: Spike Chunsoft

Dead Secret

Studio: Robot Invader


Studio: Koei Tecmo


Studio: Refract Studios

Eagle Flight

Studio: Ubisoft


Studio: Opaque Media


Studio: White Elk Studios

Eve: Valkyrie

Studio: CCP Games


Studio: Frima

Final Approach

Studio: Phaser Lock Interactive

Final Fantasy XIV

Studio: Square Enix

The Gallery: Six Elements

Studio: Cloudhead Games

Gary the Gull

Studio: Limitless / Motional

Get Even

Studio: The Farm 51


Studio: KO-OP

The Hum: Abductions

Studio: Totwise Studios


Studio: Headtripgames

Job Simulator

Studio: Owlchemy Labs

Jurassic Encounter

Studio: Supermassive Games

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Studio: Steel Crate


Studio: Bolvërk Games

Loading Human

Studio: Untold Games

The Mars 2030 Experience

Studio: NASA / Fusion Media

Megaton Rainfall

Studio: Alfonso del Cerro

Mind: Path to Thalamus

Studio: Carlos Coronado

The Music Room

Studio: Chroma Coda

Mortal Blitz VR

Studio: Skonec Ent.

Nighttime Terror 2

Studio: VR Bits

O! My Genesis VR

Studio: XPEC Ent. / Bad Bird

The Occasional Encounter

Studio: UserJoy Technology

Omega Agent

Studio: Fireproof Games

Paranormal Activity VR

Studio: VRwerx


Studio: Mindfield Games

Project CARS

Studio: Slightly Mad Studios

Q.U.B.E. ²

Studio: Toxic Games

Rez Infinite

Studio: Enhance Games


Studio: Poppermost Productions

Surgeon Simulator

Studio: Bossa Studios

Synthesis Universe

Studio: Olivier JT


Studio: Iris VR


Studio: Drool


Studio: Innervision Games

TrackMania Turbo

Studio: Nadeo

Unearthing Mars

Studio: Winking Entertainment

Vanguard V

Studio: Zero Transform

Vector 36

Studio: Red River Studio


Studio: VizionEck

Volume: Coda

Studio: Mike Bithell Games

Waltz of the Wizard

Studio: Aldin Dynamics

War Thunder

Studio: Gaijin Entertainment

Werewolves Within

Studio: Red Storm Ent.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Studio: ROI Games

World of Diving

Studio: Vertigo Games

World War Toons

Studio: Reload Studio

Xing: The Land Beyond

Studio: White Lotus Int.

Know of any other games coming to Playstation VR? Let us know in the comments!


  • Ark VR is never going to happen. Not with a super computer, not with any console. You can’t even play 60fps without dropping to low settings on a high end pc and the developer wants it to run 90/120fps with ps4?

  • Pretty keen to try out Thumper.

    Also really curious about RIGS and how well that goes.

  • Just pre-ordered my VR kit yesterday. Turns out first shipment is already sold out, and from what I gathered from Google, that happened fairly quickly.

    Second shipment I was told should only be about 2-3 weeks behind, no drama to me, I’ll probably still have a few non-VR games to play through at the time.

    • I ordered mine through EB yesterday as well. I hope they don’t mess up the international shipments.

      • I’ve ordered mine from JB, but they’re not specific as to what shipment you’ve made.

        EB Games is the only one that definitely tells you that you haven’t made the initial shipment.

      • EB. Another thing worth mentioning is they said I could get bumped up into the first shipment orders if someone cancels, so probably not many second shipment orders yet.

  • I had two launch PS4’s fail on me, so I’m a bit hesitant to give Sony Hardware my money so quickly this time around. Fool me twice and all that. Still, they do get brownie points for making VR an affordable consumer option.

    Would love to see if Microsoft are going to get into the VR space or if they’ve put all their money on AR (HoloLens). I know they’ve partnered with OR in providing Win 10 + Xbox Controller, but is that relationship going to extend to the Xbox console itself? Food for thought.

    • There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

  • New VR title: No Man’s Sky! Or at least, I’m hoping for an announcement to that effect. As are many gamers around the world, I’m sure.

    Otherwise, Adrift, Eclipse, and the Rhombus of Ruin will keep me enthralled.

  • Wasn’t there a Final Fantasy Online logo at some stage during the PS VR reveal trailer?

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