Mega Man X, Reimagined For Modern Times

Mega Man X, Reimagined For Modern Times

Video: Artist TJ Townsend created a visually stunning high-def version of the SNES classic Mega Man X.

It's a complete remaster of a screenshot from Mega Man X's Sting Chameleon stage. Too bad it's not a complete fan-game, but the pic is still a really precise one that took roughly 70 hours to complete. Here's a speedy version of that 70 hours. Amazing Photoshop skills!


    I would pay premium price for a Megaman X game that looked THAT good.

      Let's put that faith to the test.....

      [Personally sees to it said game gets made for modern times - complete with episodic release, first purchase DLC and frequent posts to Facebook.]

        Hey hey hey now.... dont you go and Activision my game!!!

          OK, I won't.....

          [Has it published by EA who in turn make the pause, save, load, new game and options functions Day One DLC.]


    I went into that video not intending to watch the entire 15 minutes but... I did. That level of photoshop wizardy is beyond my understanding.

    Too bad it’s not a complete fan-game

    So Capcom can kill it?

    I saw this and immediately thought of the Super Metroid drawing I saw ages ago. Looked it up and sure enough it's the same guy.

    Check this out. Probably my favourite game of all time.

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    They did do a good looking PSP remake of MMX, it's called Maverick Hunter i believe, i've finished it myself and while some of the locations for the common powerups (e.g. the dash ability etc) i found it quite fun =)

      Changing the locations of the power ups really threw me for a spin and caused me to doubt my own memory haha.

    Haha All good, such a simple change actually really stuffed me around because i always completed the levels in a set order and i ALWAYS got dash first, then health and so on.

    It wasn't the worst thing but made the game a bit more challenging without dash for a while haha

    Edit: According to a quick trawl through the internet it includes the 100% legit ROM files, so i could just fire up a Neogeo Emulator like i used to do, or MAME. Yay!

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