Must-Watch Game Awards Speech Salutes Hard-Working Game Developers

"Thank you for making games.... We are forever in your debt." Kinda Funny gaming pundit Greg Miller may have won the award for Trending Gamer at the 2015 Game Awards in Los Angeles, but he also just cleaned up for Best Speech with a terrific salute to hard-working game developers. A must-see.

Here's a transcript:

...but more importantly, the person I'd like to thank is Nicole Tan. Nicole Tan is an environment artist for Crystal Dynamics.

I have never met Nicole Tan.

I beat Rise of the Tomb Raider this weekend, saw her name go through the credits, along with dozens of other names I didn't recognise.

And this happens all the time. Every time I finish a game. Hundreds of names that I don't know. So, today, I'm the Trending Gamer. I am a duly-elected representative of you the gamers.

So, on behalf of the gamers, I want to say, 'Thank you.' Thank you to everyone in this room who makes video games. Thank you to everyone at home right now — directors, producers, writers, animators who make video games.

Hell, thank you to the guy who is working on a Maya project right now — he won't see this until it's on YouTube tomorrow.

We all know that making a game is not a glamorous life. It is long hours. It is time away from your family.

And, no matter what, when the game's out, someone on the Internet is going to be mean to it.

I'm sure it comes down every day.. somebody says, 'Is this worth it?'

And I want you to know that, on behalf of the millions of lives you've changed, it is worth it. Thank you for making games. I would not be the person — we would not be the people we are today — if it wasn't for video games.

So, thank you, each and every one of you who does this, who makes video games. Thank you for your art. And know that we are forever in your debt.

Ditto to all that he said. Thank you, game devs.


    His other speech about 9/11 being an inside job was more profound.

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    I just gotta ask, cause I feel like I've been living under a rock, but what is the game awards? Is it new? Is it old? Is it American?

    This is the first time I've heard of it.

      I know right? It feels like every month there's some kind of awards show or games conference on that people talk about like it's always been a thing yet I've never heard of before that moment.

      It's what the Spike Video Game Awards used to be:

      I only heard about the SVGA when it just got terrible and cringey, specifically the 2013 one:

        I can't believe how many dudes in that cringe video's comments were talking about "alphamales" or some bullshit. And a dorito pope? And how Mchale is some kind of genius for putting some poor woman on the spot?
        Jesus christ.

    Greg Miller is a staple of my gaming media consumption. He is a well-deserved winner (though I don't know if 'trending gamer' is really the right descriptor) and most of what he says is just downright gold.

    I philosophically disagree with his Colin Moriarty on most things (he's a die-hard Republican) so he doesn't get the same amount of love.

      I consume a lot of the Kinda Funny media and I don't think 'die-hard republican' is a fair description for Colin. If you listen to his opinions on social policy, he's rather progressive, save for gun control, where the aforementioned label is right on the money. Other than that, I typically see him as aa socially progressive fiscal conservative.

      Regardless of his stance on politics, his insight into the games industry I feel far surpasses Greg's or most other games journalism personalities. He really knows his shit, and is rather captivating when articulating his points. Greg and Colin make a great pair.

        @lomgwittyusername has described my boy Colin M to a T. To say he is a diehard republican is a touch of base..

        Gotta love the whole Kinda Funny crew tho.. props to that corpse lover Kevin!

        Forgot to say it was beautifully put by Greg something any gamer with half a brain agrees with

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        That's true in some respects - though he sells short the social aspects of his fiscal position (eg. his recent commentary on the cost of Socialised Healthcare).

        I think you've certainly nailed the point about his insight into the industry - at the very least he's certainly more pragmatic than Greg, but nonetheless a good, but - as I say - slightly less-loved, compliment to the duo.

    It's true. The moment I pass a game and the credits roll I find myself impatiently hitting the start button to get past it. I take no notice of all the names coming up. Same applies to me and movies, even when i am sitting through a marvel film credits to wait for the bonus scene, my eyes glaze over and i notice... nothing. I'm sorry to all those devs out there that do painstaking hours and their efforts to make the games. I probably won't change moving forward, but I am really grateful for all your hard work and effort. If it's any consolation, I don't wait for sales and just buy all my games full price on release, although sometimes buying on origin i feel like most of my money doesn't reach you. :P

      I wonder why we don't get a list of the factory workers on the back of a can of soup?

    I have no idea who the guy is, but he made a good point.

    Don't want to be the negative Nancy here, but he really didn't make a solid argument as to why it actually is worth it. I mean, of course it's worth it to HIM. He's profiting from it. The job itself is so unrelenting; burnouts, divorce, unemployment, legal battles, unreasonable deadlines, bloated egos. All for what? To have random pundits win an award for my hard work? To have critics achieve massive acclaim for voicing hateful opinions? I appreciate the shout out, I guess. But worth it? I don't know.

    It's called getting old ;)

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