These Games Won Awards At The Game Developers Conference 2013

Every year, the Game Developers Conference holds awards in celebration of excellence in games. There's the IGF (Independent Games Festival) — you can think of it as something similar to Sundance. There's also the Game Developers Choice Awards. The event was held overnight, and these are the winners.

Independent Games Festival Excellence in visuals art award: Kentucky Route Zero Nuovo award: Cart Life Excellence in audio: 140 Excellence in narrative: Cart Life Excellence in technical excellence: Little Inferno Best student game: Zinith Audience award: FTL Excellence in design: FTL Seamas McNally grand prize: Cart Life

Choice Awards: Best downloadable game: Journey Best narrative: The Walking Dead Best visual arts: Journey Ambassador of the year award: Chris Melissinos Technology award: Far Cry 3 Best game design: Journey Best handheld/mobile game: The Room Best audio: Journey Pioneer award: Steve Russell Best debut: Subset Games (FTL: Faster Than Light) Innovation award: Journey Audience award: Dishonored Lifetime achievement awards: Dr Ray Muzyka, Dr Greg Zeschuk Game of the year: Journey


    ...So these aren't actually awards from the IGF, as the title image would imply?

    Edit: Wait I see now. IGF is part of GDC, and the GDC has both the IGF awards and GDC awards. I still need to wake up more.

    Last edited 29/03/13 2:41 pm

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