Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers

Nicely done, rori3.


    Bahahahahahahahahah!!!! I'm in love.

    For those who were born in the age of unfunny Simpsons, here's the reference.


      New Simpsons is like watching Magic School Bus... Ugh. So many random unfunny background gags.

      It's worrying that people would need a reference to one of the great simpsons lines :(

    saw it the other day on Simpson Best moment Facebook page.

    Also Relatable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVt-j0FX3L0

    Now let's talk about rust proofing. These Coleco's will rust on you like that!

    Seriously though, I wish it was my job to browse Reddit for a living. You're a luckier man than me Luke.

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