Tell Us Dammit: Starting World War III

You know what? Bugger it. I feel like reigniting one of the most heated debates in gaming history and I reckon that Tell us Dammit is the place to do it. The question is simple, but the arguments that ensue will most likely consume us all — SNES or Mega Drive?

I know, I know. It's a big question, but I went there. I've typed the words and there's no going back now.

I'm going to reveal my own prejudices and state that, personally, I much preferred the Super Nintendo. I loved the Mega Drive, I loved Streets of Rage and I loved Sonic 2 — but can those games really compete with the insanely wide spectrum of incredible, classic games that spawned from the Super Nintendo era? A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Secret of Mana...

Let's get this thing going!


    Chrono Trigger. Mario Kart. Mario World. LTTP. Mana.
    There's just no question.

      +1 Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi's Island...

        SNES all the way. All the DKCs, Super Mario All Stars, Yoshi's Island, F-Zero, Mario Kart.... so many good games. how times have changed.

        I'd still rate DKC2 as the best game released prior to Half Life.

          Same here. My favourite game of all time. That game holds a special place in my heart :)

      Im the biggest SEGA fan but SNES was always better than the megadrive.
      however the Mastersystem 2 is the one console to rule them all!

      Super Metroid!
      Front Mission 3!
      Final Fantasy 3 (US) / 6 (JAP)!


    PlayStation 1! Because I never owned a SNES or Megadrive, mostly because they're well before my time as a gamer.

    I get it!
    Because he's Super Nintendo Chalmers!

      I'm glad you were here, Now I don't have to look dumb for not getting the joke.

      It was so obvious!

    I lost my innocence in the Sega Wars. Skipping ropes whipped the skin, soccer balls pummelled our bodies. By the end, I wasn't even sure what side I was on - I owned a Master System for much of the first half, but then through off the shackles of 8-but graphics and embraced the 16-bit glory of the SNES right before the end. I was kind of like Italy I guess.

    TLDR: school yard brawls the main thing l I remember about either console.

    Phantasy Star and Landstalker. Also 6button faced controller for Street Fighter2. Would almost say Mega Drive, but ... Secret Of Mana beats all

    I had the Mega Drive as a kid and loved it but history has shown that I was on the losing side there.

    I will be gracious in my defeat.

    Sorry, I missed the whole SNES/Megadrive conflict, too busy playing Commander Keen.

      Yeah, when I say SNES, the 'ol Amiga probably got just as much play time. All those old school adventure games.

      Ah, back when Apogee was still a thing.
      Good times. And what a fashion sense 'ole Billy had.

      Commander Keen, Monster Bash, Cosmo's Adventure and my all time favourite. Raptor Call of Shadows. Good times. Good times.

    Megadrive just eclipses the SNES in my books! Phantasy star, Streets of rage, Shining force, toejam and earl, Pulseman. The megadrive was faster, meaner, less censored, and black!!! The SNES may have had brighter/more colours and a fancier sound chip, but in the the right hands the megadrive could match and surpass the SNES! Dont get me wrong I love the SNES too, but pound for pound the megadrive was way cooler, I mean there isnt a single beat'em up on the SNES that comes close to the Bare knuckle series, and that Yuzo Koshiro soundtrack is one of the greatest of all time!!!!!!!!! Megadrive for life!!!!!!!!!!!

    bloody nostalgia ftw, i had a Master system, then a megadrive. I caved and bought a 2nd hand SNES for StarFox but I was a SEGA kid. 6 face buttons for SF > Mario ;)

    I had a SNES and Megadrive while growing up but what I tremember most like playing floppy disk games on MS DOS but if I had to choose I'd go SNES.

    Mega Drive

    Best version of Mortal Kombat!

    I don't know that this one is debatable. I always had SEGA consoles but I always preferred the SNES. Possibly just out of my desire for more material possessions but for some reason I don't think so. Games like Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island basically made me froth at the mouth. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Mega drive 2 but somehow without a SNES I never felt complete. The SNES had a much better lineup of titles than the Mega Drive and a few that seemed to look a hell of a lot better too.

    The Genesis was in every was a worthy competitor to the SNES but to me the titles just lacked the level of polish compared to the SNES. No denying they both helped define my childhood and carry very fond memories!

    I had neither... I had a PC :|

      But that's okay too!
      PC Gamers still had awesome titles like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Dune II and X-Com and stuff!

        Gabriel Knight, probably the game series that defined the '90s for me.

      Same here. I was all console before that (except for the Apple IIe) through to Master System,skipped 16 bit in favour of PC then went back to console for PS1. Never went back to PC.

    The SNES was technically a better machine and had a broader appeal with its roster. It had SF2 World Warrior almost a full year before the MD got SF2 CE. In its defence though, the MD had a far superior controller and the 6 button set the definitive standard once the fighters got ported. Oh, and it had full blood in MK instead of some silly nerfed thing.

    Sega tried (sort of, I suppose, maybe) to get more out of the MD with technical innovation like the MegaCD and 32X, unfortunately they never followed through with a lot of their ideas meaning that the peripherals were expensive plug ins that didn't make an impact.

    Its hard to put a finger on who had the more retarded light gun. I think the Snes wins that award but the its a close fought battle.

    As a 'product' the SNES was better, but I was always a Sega fanboy myself.

    SNES. It introduced the Star Fox series, had Unirally which for its time was a beast of a game, DKC, Super Metroid, and so many other good games. The Megadrive was good with Sonic and the other games released on the platform but SNES gets my vote

    I hate to be a fence sitter but I loved them both equally.

    I had more games on the Megadrive (I think i had it for longer) Sonic, the non-censored Mortal Kombat, Ecco the Dolphin, Street Fighter II, World of Illusion - all great games. The Snes I loved Mario, Secret of Mana, Stunt Race FX and Mortal Kombat 3.

    But I suppose if the Snes and Megadrive were both dangling from a cliff and I could only save one then I'd pick the Snes, only because of how much time I invested in Secret of Mana on that thing.

    Ctrl+f > "unirally" > 1 result
    Ctrl+f >"stunt race" > 0 results

    There is a single cool person on this page. Well, now there are two.

      Oh hey and Stevorooni popped up to make it three.

    I went straight from a Master System to a Game-boy, none of this needing a T.V nonsense! Being and more of an RPG gamer back then I have to say the SNES was more appealing.

    I have great memories of the Mega Drive with Streets of Rage and maybe Golden Axe, but even then I occasionally still picked up the old NES instead... don't know where that puts me in this debate - I guess I'm techncially going with Mega Drive

    SNES easily. So many great games that paved the way and continue in some form today.

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