Heroes Of The Storm’s Nova Is Pay-To-Play Again

Heroes Of The Storm’s Nova Is Pay-To-Play Again

Briefly: Nova’s free week in Heroes of the Storm has come to an end! That means we can finally say goodbye to embarrassing deaths like this one. OK, not really.


  • Its only embarrassing if you don’t understand the simple concept of not backing in front of your fort in games where there are stealth champions. This is a concept that applies to just about any game where there are invisible characters.

    • Zera and Nova (now) are good but you just have to be aware of them, look for the fuzzy patch, and if your squishy like Jaina etc, stay under towers or make sure your not alone otherwise your easy meat.

    • Serious question as somebody who play a bit of HotS but is really bad at is, what do you mean by “not backing in front of your fort”. It… seems like a random jumble of words to me. What is “backing” in this context?

      • Pressing B initiates a recall to base. An important thing to remember in ANY class based pvp game is situational awareness IE;

        -Does the enemy have a character that could close with you without your knowledge or could lull you into a false sense of security?
        -Does the enemy have a character that has a threat range that you could still possibly be within?
        -Did you place yourself in a position where members of the enemy team are not visible?
        -Are you low enough in health where it would take little effort to finish the job?

        If you meet any of this criterior then chances are you need to think about the ways in which the other players may take advantage of the situation; remember that the average player is just as savy as you (even if you think you are above average).

      • it’s not complicated. Simply a matter of managing health correctly and not running out of the gates immediately after you drink from the well because it doesn’t fill in immediately. Manage that small space of time better and more carefully if shes in your lane. Rotate a hero on that lane who can bully her out of cloak and make her useless if you can’t yourself. To counter her triple tap ultimate, jump in front of her kill and absorb some of the damage yourself from the shots on the beam. This way you split the load and save your team mate from dying.

  • How is this news? Are we going to see an article next week that X is no longer available? How about LoL? Who’s free this week?

    • I feel really let down by kotaku in the past in light of this article. I request, nay, DEMAND an individual article for each hero that is on free rotation each week in HotS.

      This is truly the news of the times.

  • its ok none of the reporters read the au kotaku bar like 1-2; so the message that, “these useless articles are crap” never really gets heard 🙁

  • Is the reporter commenting on this because he gets a chub for Nova? How about those people who get a aroused by Cho’gall?

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