Oddshot Launches Partner Program For Streamers

Oddshot Launches Partner Program For Streamers

It’s a website that allows players to instantly generate highlight clips and replays for gaming streams as soon as they happen. Without streams and the magic moments that happen on them, it’s safe to say Oddshot.tv wouldn’t have a business.

So Oddshot is trying to give back — at least a little — by announcing a partnership program for streamers.

In the announcement, Oddshot has said that they have a budget of US$30,000 set aside for “streamers every month”. “We calculate each streamers cut, by calculating their percentage of our aggregate views. This comes out to an average realized CPM of US$1.2 (per 1000 views) at our current aggregate view counts,” the post, which has been put up across social media and multiple channels by the Oddshot owners, says.

The way it works is this. Interested streamers sign up for the “Oddshot Creator Program” and inputting their Paypal username, real name, Twitch channel URL and other contact details.

Oddshot’s team will then verify that information by contacting the streamers’ Twitch accounts, and an partner agreement will be sent out for the streamers to sign. Once that’s done, streamers carry on their business as usual and Oddshot will send out monthly Paypal reports on how well videos created from their streams (by any users) have been doing.

The platform says in their announcement that the move is a “highly experimental and expensive bet” and that the amount paid to streamers may not be consistent. “The amounts may fluctuate, but we will do our best to maintain a reasonable level, while still trying to create the best possible service.”

“The first payments to all streamers who have signed up will go out on the 11th of January [no timezones were provided] and they will be based on the December performance numbers. After that payments will always go out 7–10 days after each respective month has ended.”

“For now, as we have no revenue streams, the $30,000 pot is going to be paid out of our pocket,” an Oddshot employee replied on Reddit. “This figure is completely chosen by us, and it is as much as we could afford to set aside per month without dying out in a few months.”