This Gintama Dessert Sure Looks Like A Dick

This Gintama Dessert Sure Looks Like A Dick

If you think this looks like a penis, you are not alone. Gintama character Shinpachi did, too.

In Gintama’s 38th episode, the characters built this snow penis sculpture, which most of the characters recognised as the legendary weapon called the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon. Save for samurai-in-training Shinpachi who thought it looked obscene.

[Image: Gintama Wikia]

As pointed out by IT Media, Namco is rolling out special Gintama-themed food for a limited time at its manga-themed J-World indoor theme park in Tokyo. Included in that an edible version of the snow sculpture from the First Chiki Chiki Kabukicho Snow Festival, among other treats.

[Image: Namco]

Namco even explained what the edible dick dessert was made from. That’s marshmallow for the tip, sorry, top, a popsicle for the shaft, which isn’t suggestive at all. The base is made from pancakes.

The image doesn’t say this, but those are ice cream scoops for the balls, testicles, round things, whatever.

Top image: J-World Tokyo


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