This New Star Trek Trailer Is... Different

Guys, it has the Beastie Boys on the soundtrack. What is going on here?

It's the very first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, which is being directed by Justin Lin, who most recently directed Fast & Furious 6. That explains a lot.

Personally, as someone who has no ties to Star Trek fandom, I love it. Bugger it. It looks cool as hell. They're doing motorbike stunts and shit. LET'S DUMB STAR TREK DOWN WHOOOO!


    Or for an alternate title, How to piss off every Star Trek fan in existence.

      You mean 'Into Darkness' didn't do that already?

        Its like they saw it as a challenge

          pretty sure the first one also had the beastie boys playing in it also.... and the same song.....

            The Beastie Boys song isn't the issue for me. I really don't care about the music, they established in the first one that Kirk liked the Beastie Boys, that's fine.

            I just made this comment, shoulda checked before posting... haha

        I didn't mine into darkness at all :P I get the gripes, but still thought it was good. This just looks... offensive.

          If by offensive, you mean fantastic, then I agree!

            I dunno.... I say all this but I'd put $5 on me grabbing a giant tub of popcorn, turning my brain off and enjoying it :P

            no- this movie title is pretty offensive and shows that once again JJ Abrams is going after and destroying all that I love. Still reserving judgement on TFA because there is always a new hope that JJ Abrams is not going to produce something that is not a steaming pile of shit

    DIdn't the first movie of the reboot, use the same song for young Kirk car stealing sequence?

    I think Hey Ladies would be a better Beastie Boys song for the trailer. COWBELL!

      Or maybe Interglactic?

      But that would assume they were interested in making a sci fi film.

    Given that Sabotage was used in the scene introducing a young Kirk in the reboot trilogy, it somewhat fits :)

    What the hell did I just watch? Because that's not Star Trek

      It looks just like the original series to me, snarky comments, current day earth stuff sneaking into the show, fun attitude... Star Trek

      (Disclaimer, I've really only ever watched the original series and the first three Star Trek films, I don't know what TNG, DS9 and all that other crap is, but it's not Star Trek)

        The other stuff like TNG that was spearheaded by Gene Roddenbury, made by Roddenbury and pushed by Roddenbury that was Star Trek? Or like DS9 which carried on the core values of humanity bettering itself and helping others? Yeah that was Star Trek.

        Nothing about the last two movies has been anything like the old series, I think you're ascribing things to it that simply aren't there. While there's 'current day earth stuff', the problem there is there's no actual social commentary in either of the last two movies of any actual value. This is incredibly present in the Original Series, TNG, especially DS9, somewhat in Voyager and most of the movies (after First Contact it's a stretch).

        But Trek 09 and Into Darkness eschewed any sort of valid social commentary for 'whizzbang look at mah lensflares ma!' The only thing this has carried on has been Kirk sticking his dick in anything he can.

        Treks original series was good, but these latest few movies miss the intent of TOS by a wide, wide berth.

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          There was frat boy stuff in the first one XD I'm not helping, am I?

            Of course there was, but it was balanced out, there's no balance in the new ones alas (nor was there in Insurrection or Nemesis for that matter which themselves swung too far the other way).

              I meant in the '09 reboot. The academy was good, but also very generic 'murica type education.

          First Contact wasn't so much social commentary but more about personal conflict and growth (over coming your demons etc).

          But it's true, the modern reboot movies are little more than fluffy entertainment mixed with shiny visuals. Such is the way of pretty much anything now days. The entertainment industry has a very low opinion of it's audience... and it's not entirely unjustified.

          I also didn't think the prequels were 'Star Wars' despite being spearheaded by George Lucas, made by George Lucas and pushed by Lucas.

            Agreed. Lucas wrote the story. Ralph MacQuarrie, Joe Johnston etc etc. It was the people attached to the project who made it the visually appealing film it is. Lucas still helped bring it all together but I find that people forget the visuals are what really make it :)

          This article probably lays it out better than I can.

        Downvote for suggesting Patrick Stewart and TNG are somehow not Star Trek. Heathen!

    How quickly they forget!
    Don't you remember this exact same Beastie Boys song being used when we're first introduced to James T Kirk in the 2009 movie?

    And the JJ reboots have always favoured action over intellect - the actors are all great for the roles, but the movies just ain't Star Trek.

    To be fair, they used that exact same track in the first of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek films.

    Still, I have serious doubts about Justin "Infinite Runway" Lin.

      Don't remind me =(

    Man, CGI Simon Pegg looks weeeeeird.

    Also something to note: Studios usually put out 2 types of trailers. One for people who are already invested and one to draw new people in. The fact this has "From the director of Fast & Furious" attached to it tells me this is a trailer to attract new people.

    Looks like dumb fun, which technically goes against what Star Trek is, but not being a huge fan, I am ok with that.

    That doesnt even look like dumb fun. Trek 09 was dumb fun

    Thats just DUMB.

    Guys, it has the Beastie Boys on the soundtrack. What is going on here?

    Because the 09 film used Sabotage. It's also a reference to this

    Do some investigative journalism before asking dumb questions.

      You really are your namesake, aren't you?

        Why should I listen to you? You're not even a system.

    Whatever. Trekkies will still watch it anyway.

    I'm a bit sceptical of Justin Lin directing this, but I'll still watch it when it comes out. Looks fun.

      For what it's worth, I'm a Trekkie and I won't be watching it. Watched the first one but didn't like it at all. Haven't seen Into Darkness.

      I think I'll just pray they do something decent with the new series.

      I saw Into Darkness in the cinema and I really, really regret that. What. a .turd.

      I can assuredly say that unless this comes out to glowing positive 10/10 reviews, I'll be skipping it til it hits Bluray or whatnot.

        Reaaaaallllyy? Why does everyone hate on into darkness so much? It seems to be as polarising as the lens flares :P

          The original intent for Into Darkness was to have the character played by Cumberbatch actually turn out to be Khans 2ic. They would have Khan die in an attempt to open his pod (I BELIEVE the original intent was to have Kirk open it?) and his 2ic would, years later, be the one doing all this making it far more personal. It was a nice spin, a quite decent alt spin on the Khan tale at least following on from Space Seed. What we got was a ridiculous idea that we should fear Khan after nothing was really explained, no reason to actually fear the guy was given and a very, very disjointed story was presented. There were some enjoyable moments but over all, it was a big letdown for me personally.

            That's fair. Didn't know about the twist idea, that would have played out much better.

            Putting Khan in the film was a retarded idea in the first place. I mean... why was he there? WHY? Khan isn't Star Trek's answer to Darth Vader, he's not some all-powerful supervillain who looms large over the entire franchise, the reason Star Trek II was such a great film and he was such a great villain was because the conflict between him and Kirk was so PERSONAL. 'The Wrath of Khan' was a story of REVENGE. Khan in the reboot? Why the FUCK should we care about him at all? Why should KIRK care about him at all, other than "because he's the villain and I'm the hero"? There were NO personal stakes in having Khan as the villain whatsoever.

            So, that considered, why was he the villain? So they could say "Look! Khan! We're a REAL Star Trek film now, we even brought back the most famous villain of all!" Which is absolutely retarded; by bringing back a character without understanding WHY he was such a great character in the first place, the ONLY thing they accomplished was to draw comparisons between their film and a much better one and show how badly it falls short. 'Wrath of Khan' absolutely SHITS all over 'Into Darkness', but people wouldn't even make that comparison (except in the general "it's still not as good as the best Star Trek film" sense) if they hadn't brought it upon themselves.

              Of course, then there's the fact people should never be comparing TWOK to INTO DARKNESS, if anything, INTO DARKNESS should be seen as an inferior ripoff of SPACE SEED.

      Pfft, not even. Speaking as a Trekkie, I'm not even interested in watching this trailer based on the comments I read here. The entire reboot series has been a retarded violation of what was once one of the two greatest franchises in science fiction and even CALLING them 'Star Trek' is insulting to me.

      You can enjoy the films if you like. You can even think they're good films. But if you try to claim they're good Star Trek then, well, you're wrong. This is not a matter of opinion.

    I haven't watched this yet, but

    who most recently directed Fast & Furious 6You have my attention.

      I thought Fast5 in Brasilia was the best of the Lin films. I just don't know if it will gel with Star Trek well. We shall see!

        It's hard for me to rate them because 5 was just so unexpectedly awesome I can't tell if I liked it more because of the surprise than because of what it actually was. I love all the post-4 films though.

          I really started enjoying them when they went from being car porn for gearheads into ridiculous over-the-top popcorn action movies.

    It's the same song that's played within minutes of the first reboot. So pretty much gonna see the same thing we've seen the last two films...

    Which isn't a bad thing, in my opinion. I like how they simplified the whole "alternate universe" thing in the first film. You didn't have to be a big science fiction buff to know what the hell was going on. I can't remember much of the second film, but meh.

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    I must admit I haven't minded the recent films, while yes they have been decidedly less "trekkie", I enjoyed them non the less.. but this.. this just leaves me confused.

    Generic safe plays by Hollywood for the masses is what's going on here Mark. Every movie with any sort of budget has to be built to a specific safe cat nip for middle America model.

    I think it looks good, and I am a massive TOS fan, met Shatner and everything.

    Personally, as someone who has no ties to Star Trek fandom...

    We all know this is a lie, @markserrels - you can't keep rocking that Simon "Scotty" Pegg look and expect us to believe you have no vested interest in Trek. :P

      It's all smoke and mirrors mate. He's trying to make us think he's not a Trekkie so he can enjoy this film without feeling dirty ;)

    Looks awesome. People get too butthurt so early on these days. Go and watch the movie, if it's shit, then so be it.

    Different would be good. Im tired of the the usual "chase the bad guy" formula, where Kirk and Spock go charging around the universe like an interstellar Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Then solve everything with a bare knuckle fist fight.

    Nice. Beastie Boys automatically improves anything they're added to.

    Morning jog? Check.
    Movie trailer? Check.
    Wedding ceremony? Check.
    Ripping a noisy fart in a university lecture? Check.

    If the franchise still manages to survive, maybe they will try even harder to kill it for the fourth movie. The director of Sharknado better keep his schedule free for the next couple years.

    Am I the only one who was half expecting Poochie to show up at some point during that trailer?

    I dig the Beastie boys. It was perfect for the opening of the First. Not much of a trekkie, can some one fill me in on their issues with this? Ill watch it to support Karl Urban.

    I think some people had forgotten the scene in the first reboot film where the boy-Kirk is listening to it while driving a stolen car.

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