Watch Me Take A Crack At Destiny's New Sparrow Racing

Watch Me Take A Crack At Destiny's New Sparrow Racing

Video: Today marks the start of Destiny's Sparrow Racing League, a league in which you can race sparrows. Wanna watch me try it? YEAH YOU DO.

Here's video of me testing out the newest Destiny event, complete with ups, downs, and a thrilling finish:

In addition to the SRL — which comes attached to a new quest and several bounties that you can pick up from the Shipwright — the latest Destiny update makes some major balance tweaks and adds a bunch of new emotes that you can buy (for Silver or real money) at the Eververse store.


    Pipped at the post on match by 20 hundredths of a second.
    My reward? A strange coin.

    Fuck you, Bungie.

      Sounds about right lol I've got like no interest in this for some reason, i'm sure i'll try it once before the end of the month though.
      Only thing i like is a bit of crucible here n there these days, done everything else to death in it :(

    Anyone know how the fuel part of it works, it says you can get more fuel for doing tricks?

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