Destiny Is Finally Getting Sparrow Racing

Video: Sparrow racing is coming to Destiny, a video game that still exists! The folks behind Destiny just announced the Sparrow Racing League, which will be out early next week. It will be free for all Taken King owners and last until 29 December, according to an Activision press release.

This isn't a huge surprise — sparrow racing has been one of Destiny's most requested features for a while now — but it's pretty neat nonetheless.


    3 weeks only?? Guess I better start levelling up - only got the game last week :P

      Not hard to do. Just run through the story missions then either do vanguard strikes or crucible (whichever you prefer). Should be able to get up to 270 light at least within a couple of days. But, not sure if it will matter much, didn't see anything in the video about level making a difference. It will probably be like crucible where light level doesn't matter.

    "Sparrow racing is coming to Destiny"

    Aw yiss.

    "last until 29 December"

    Oh. F*ck.

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      I suspect they're treating the limited time period as kind of a beta, with a proper unlimited release later if people dig it, or at least an ongoing schedule (not unlike Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris). They seem to indicate this as a possibility in this video.

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      Exactly my thinking.
      I've wanted this ever since I first rode a sparrow and the handling and speed reminded me of Pod Racer on the N64. I am pumped for this, but as a timed event... not so much.

        But year 2 Destiny's favorite party trick is time-gated content.. so it's not a huge surprise that this is timed as well.

    A monthly event with top tier rewards that works on a league would be cool, then each week they could have ongoing races where your results get you promoted up through a couple of different leagues with smaller/RNG rewards from those races. That way you can have a top league that is full of the best races ALA Trials of Osiris, with a couple of lower leagues that is more for the casual gamers.

    Do people still play this shit?

      More importantly, I can't believe I had to scroll this far down to find this comment.

        Same. I'm not sure if that's a good thing that's its so far down or bad that its still here.

      Do people still make these comments?

        Oh yeah, it is an essential part of life for a Destiny hater to click on a Destiny article and post unrelated 'I hate destiny' style comments. It would be too hard, too painful even, for them to just keep scrolling passed an article about a game they don't like.

    I can't wait until they add microtransactions that ensure you need to pay them, AGAIN, in order to have a chance at being competitive on the track. Or whatever it is they're racing on.

    Queue people complaining about something extra and fun to do.

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    This actually looks really cool. Hopefully Bungie also address' the extreme amount of instability in PvP areas at the current moment. Some of those sparrows look pretty cool too, think I saw a Dead orbit one in there?

    Cool... but only until Dec 29? that is just plain stupid. Yeah, we'll give them the content they've been asking for.... for a couple of weeks :\
    Not gonna be enough to bring me back I don't think, too much else to take up my attention these days

    I put this down when all the other games came out in November and I got to say, after a week of FOMO I got over it. I don't think ill go back any time soon, I probably wont go back at all.

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