Ark: Survival Evolved Introduces Beetles To Eat Your Poop

Video: Ark: Survival Evolved's PC version just got a new dinosaur and, uh, dung beetles. The dimetrodon sounds like a cool protective creature, but the dung beetle is downright intriguing. Described as a "wondrous organic biofactory", it can eat excrement to produce a special oil (note: not for sex stuff) that powers generators and fertilises crops. All hail the beetle.


    Dung bettles were introduced into Australia successfully to help clean up live stock poop as native bettles had evolved to handle our native animal poop.

    This also helped cut down on fly numbers as the lack of poop to breed in.

    Last edited 15/01/16 5:42 pm

    Dung beetles.. sigh. Still waiting for that huge performance pass patch(s).

    and then they fixed there gaping wound, you know the massive memory leaks seen every where.

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