Friday The 13th Game Lets You Call The Police, Because Why Wouldn’t You?

Friday The 13th Game Lets You Call The Police, Because Why Wouldn’t You?

For some reason, so many horror movie characters never think to call the police. Because we’re a little smarter than horror movie characters, this year’s Friday the 13th game will let you call the police as you’re being chased by Jason Voorhees, as revealed in a recent gameplay overview video.

Unlike a lot of successfully Kickstarted projects, the Friday the 13th: The Game has not been short on updates — for both their backers and the public — since their project was successfully funded last November. The simplified video that explains the phone mechanic is the third in a series of gameplay overviews. The other two introduce you to the start of the game — how the counsellors and Jason spawn on the map — while the second details how sprinting depletes counsellors’ stamina, resulting in some potentially dangerous stumbling when it becomes low.

It looks like being a counsellor in this Friday the 13th game is going to be a tough job — let’s just hope that the police are more useful in the game than they are in the movies. Honestly, I’m more excited to be Jason once I get my hands on a copy. I’ve even been practising my ch-ch-ch ah-ah-ah.

If you missed out on being a backer on the Kickstarter campaign and you’re interested in netting yourself a copy, the devs are still accepting pre-orders through the Kickstarter campaign page.


  • Cops turn up in horror movies and usually get killed after they say “Must of been a prank call / false alarm” or they find the survivor who claims there is a mad man / monster and dies the second they claim the person is crazy or says “you safe now”.

  • For some reason, so many horror movie characters never think to call the police.Probably because the times they do result in the police being utterly useless either because they get killed, the psychopath convinces them to leave by pretending to be the resident or they just drive by and see nothing is wrong.

    • Most Horror films are set in America too, pretty sure the chances of being murdered by a cop would be higher, Ill take my chances with Jason thanks.

    • – Scenario One –

      Operator: Yup… Uh-huh… Oh, really? Okay… Alright… Have you been smoking weed?
      Victim: …I am an American teenager in a horror genre, so… Yes? I’m also naked
      Operator: *Sigh* Okay, we’re sending over 1 fat measly police officer who carries a small outdated revolver to your location to, “check things out”


      – Scenario Two –

      Victim: I’M GONNA KILL MY FAMILY WITH EXPLOSIVES, I’m also streaming a game online
      Operator: SEND OUT THE SWATTING! I mean swat team

      • Female Victim: I’m being attacked by an armed psychopath!
        Operator: Yeah, but what are you wearing? Are you sure you weren’t leading him on?

      • See I love the horror movies where the police/ambos actually respond to people’s calls with “HOLY SHIT THATS SERIOUS WE’RE COMING RIGHT AWAY”

        There’s a couple of movies that do that really well without resorting to the ’emergency services don’t believe you’ trope.

        • There’s a couple of movies that do that really well without resorting to the ’emergency services don’t believe you’ trope.

          I believe that trope is especially bad in Kaiju movies. There’s so many moments where the monster is in the MIDDLE of a populated area, and nobody is prepared. The city isn’t evacuated, the army hasn’t set themselves up. I bet you the coastal services rang the police station numerous times upon sighting the monster rising out of the ocean, but nobody believed them.

          • Never thought about that… haha. Why the hell hasn’t everyone moved to Uluru or Kalgoorlie by now? Leave it to the Border Patrol guys at Sydney to screen them.

        • “Send… more… cops!”

          In this series’ case, i figure the cops are used to it after 8 movies at the camp.
          “Sheriff, some more stoners went out to Crystal Lake.”
          “Did Crazy Bill warn them about the last time?”
          “Yessir, he did his ‘y’all better head home’ rant and everything.”
          “… Tell the coroner to head on out in the morning. it’s their own dammned fault, at this point.”

    • Depends where you live, in Alice Springs I normally give it about an hour. In Canberra I remember some good turn around times.

  • This is my first ever Kickstarter backing and I’m keen af, ever aware it will probably be yet another lopsided multi game gone wrong, whilst hoping there will be a core group of franchise fans that will keep it cranking regardless.

    And calling the cops will have to have SOME kind of advantages otherwise it would be pointless.

    even Jason has to lose sometime

    • I’ve never used kickstarter before. I have a ps4 and I’m in Australia – is there any reason why i couldn’t purchase it? I’m not that techy so don’t know about region locks and stuff. Sorry if this comes across as being a stupid question but I’d really like to buy this game but i just don’t know if it’d work on an aussie ps4 console. Thanks heaps.

      • Shouldn’t be a problem.

        depending on what you pledge you can get a digital key or a hard copy along with other goodies.

        Just go the digital key option and you’ll get sent a PSN code on release.

        Not like it won’t be released retail either, Kickstarter is basically pre-ordering and giving the money direct to the dev to help make the game.

    • Who got that job? OK guys go out to the abandoned summer camp where teens get murdered every year except for that one kid who told us it was an unstoppable guy in a hockey mask with a Machete that we don’t believe and erect this cell phone tower (American).

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