Leave The Division's Poor Dog Alone

Leave The Division's Poor Dog Alone

If you're playing The Division's beta this weekend, you may come across this dog. The dog can die, if you happen to shoot it. So...maybe don't? Unless you want to see a sad dog death, I guess! Kotaku's Stephen Totilo (and Eurogamer) have verified that, indeed, the dog is mortal and can be slain by heartless monsters with no regard for what is pure and good in this world. When I reached out to Kotaku as to how, exactly, they vetted this information, the esteemed snack website simply said, "No comment."

Also killable: crows and rats.

Leave The Division's Poor Dog Alone


    Hah, can imagine someone shooting it thinking it'd be immortal and then the sudden moment of instant regret.

      Thats the sort of regret I felt in AC Syndicate when I realised you can kill the horses drawing the carriages. Was trying to shoot the driver of a carriage coming towards me and I shot the horse in the head instead :(

        But there is an achievement to fling riders off the carriage and the only way to do it is shooting the horse at when it is running high speed.

        Shot all the horses. They were probably Templars too. Made more obsticals for the others to navigate. Only took 2 bullets instead of 4 on some people.

    I'll KOS anyone that I see shooting this dog. Dark Zone be damned.

    What? No! No, why would they allow that? Who actually sat down and spent hours - if not days - animating that?! WHERE DID THEY DO THEIR RESEARCH!?

    This has to change.

    It's cruel and inhuman to shoot the dog. Killing countless humans though, that's ok.

      Exactly what I was thinking

      Of course it is; we're protecting the better of the two species.

      Have you never been online?


      You can't kill innocent civilians, though! Just baddies/people who are politically opposed to you (same thing).

      The animals should be set to the same invulnerability as the innocent civilians are. *huffs*

    I shot every dog I saw last night... Virus outbreak and these dogs are running around without gas masks? It's just irresponsible on their part and I'm not taking any chances...

    Of course you shouldn't shoot the dog. Tranq him and fulton him out of there.

    I honestly shot everything but the dog lol crows, rats, humans and anything else that moves... not the cute puppies though lol Seems silly that you can shoot the animals, but not civs though

      I think we can't shoot civilians in game due to it may break the game world... Imagine if you just shoot and shoot everyone and anything you see, how would you, in the game world be allowed into the safe zones to re-arm and re-equip? No one would go near you, let alone let you in their safe zone.

        Yeah, valid point... but still... i wouldn't let a puppy killer in either! :P

    Well I didn't know this was a thing now I *have* to shoot the dog to see what happens myself ;)

    There are cows in the game?! Lmao i miss read that!

    Last edited 29/01/16 4:26 pm

    My god it's coming right for us!! *bam*

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