Metal Gear Online PC Temporarily Disabled After Players Bypass Microtransactions

Metal Gear Online PC Temporarily Disabled After Players Bypass Microtransactions

Well-known carpet distributor Konami has disabled the Metal Gear Online beta on PC following the discovery of an exploit that allowed players to get free MB coins, the in-game currency that costs real money. "Due to a possible exploit, we've removed access to the Beta temporarily while a hotfix is being prepared," Konami community manager Robert Peeler wrote on the Steam forums. "Once the issue is addressed we'll provide access to the Beta once again."

The Metal Gear Online beta launched on PC yesterday, and players immediately discovered that they could buy MB coins without getting charged, which is obviously a serious problem for Konami's beancounters. We'll let you know when the beta's back online.


    But it's a Beta? Surely none of the in-game purchases will be available after they finish it...

    Micro transactions in a beta........ wow.

      I was gonna comment the same thing, but you beat me to it. you get all of the upvotes!

      Blizzard did it with the Hearthstone beta to test the in game store. At least got an exclusive golden Mekkatorque out of it.

        On one hand I get it but on the other hand....
        Any full priced game that has microtransactions is annoying, remember cheat codes?

        - If the micro is only there for people to progress through the game quickly, then at least I know when I play the game I don't need to use them (annoying, but all good... basically paying for a cheat code).

        - If the game has "cards" or special items which actually affect gameplay (not just looks), which you can basically only get through purchase then that is ridiculous and I would encourage people to boycott, what a joke.

        Tack this whole micro transaction annoyance onto a freakin BETA, geeez... what have we let ourselves get into. How starved for these games are people that they're willing to shovel out cash upon cash for a game.

        To each their own I guess, and the real pat on the back goes out to the devs who are actually pulling this stunt off successfully.

          Remember when Horse Armor cause a massive stir and was a go to joke whenever someone brought up DLC?

          Notice how every fucking $60 game now charges for skins? In less than a decade the entire consumer base and games press just rolled over.

          All it took for people to accept and even defend getting shagged by publishers was a slow "just the tip" creep over time.

          I still find the idea of defending the "time saver" micro transaction absolutely repulsive. You know how I saved time playing Sonic the Hedgehog? ABABABC.

          The Giant Beastcast recently received an email from a listener who was playing "race cars" with their kids. At one point the person went to grab another car from the pile only to be cut off by their 5 year old who said "Daddy, those cars aren't unlocked yet, we have to beat all the levels. Or we can pay money to play them now".

            Yep, it's such a sham. I even find most DLC and season passes a joke.

            I am but one man, all I can do is whinge to my friends IRL and not buy into these things. It's a pretty ridiculous state of affairs.

    Next beta lasts an hour before it's pulled again.

    Trainer makers aren't going to stop, although most trainer makers don't make them for online games.

    Actually, there wasnt any trainer involved, people just could go to MPO online store and get MB without being charged with Steam and this carries over to the MGSPP, meaning, infinite MB coins to build anything = loss of revenue. But im still damn pissed at the way they handled it

    Given that MGO died almost overnight on the Xbox One, and I mean that quite literally. I've never seen an online game so profoundly underpopulated from the day of launch to several weeks after and this is with multiple attempts to get into games at different times on different days.

    Why use exploit during beta? Smh.

    NOW who got played like a damn fiddle? >:D

    Allot of incomplete games have GOLD/COINS that are purchasable only with hard earned cash during beta stage, warthunder/worldofwhatever/quite a few fps mmo type games. ALL in beta.

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