Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Kick Off Early Tomorrow Morning And Won't Sell Out

We still don't know how much everyone will be asked to stump up, but we do at least know one thing: you'll finally be able to pre-order the consumer version of the Oculus Rift as of tomorrow morning.

Image courtesy of Oculus

According to the Oculus blog, pre-orders kick off from 8:00 AM Wednesday Pacific Time, which works out to be 3:00 AM tomorrow morning AEDT. That moves forward to midnight if you live in Perth, 2:00 AM for Queenslanders, 2:30 AM for everyone in Adelaide and 5:00 AM for our New Zealand friends.

The blog didn't outline how much the Rift is, although the Facebook acquisition was supposed to mean that the Rift would be available at cost. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will be doing a Reddit AmA tomorrow, and he said earlier this morning that there were "no chance of Rift pre-orders 'selling out'".

Luckey has also answered a few other questions early this morning about the Rift, in relation to pre-orders and whether you can buy the Rift without the Touch controllers.

Everyone who pre-orders the Rift will get a free copy of EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale, the latter of which is a made-for-VR platformer. You can view the gameplay trailer for Lucky's Tale below.

Update: For clarity, those who pre-order the Rift will be first in line to pre-order the Touch controllers, but pre-orders of the Rift won't open until "a few months prior" to the Touch's launch in the second half of the year. Thanks, @king_rocket.


    Why the fudge would anyone preorder something without a final price? Fracking morons.

      Because they want to secure a new product, and don't care about price?

      I presume the price will be made clear when you pre-order. So tomorrow. There has also been 2 DK's so approximating a price isn't very hard, unless you are a "fracking moron".

      Ah the price will be announced when pre-orders going up. Lmao. And you call THEM morons.

    The hype on technologies goes up and down like a wave. The hype wave for this tech is currently at a low point.. it will surge back up, but right now the hype is low. I wonder if this pre-order campaign is attempting to ride the wave up from the bottom..

      With the announcement that preorders are almost here I'd say the hype is pretty real at this point.

    > Luckey has also answered a few other questions early this morning about the Rift, in relation to pre-orders and whether you can buy the Rift without the Touch controllers (you can’t).

    You can't buy the Rift WITH touch controllers, are you thinking of the people who are bitching about the Xbone pad being included in the bundle who want it dropped?

      No, Luckey's saying if you pre-order the Rift it'll be shipped with the Touch controllers when they're sent out later this year. That is to say, the Rift comes as a package but you'll receive it in separate parts.

        That's not true though, all you get is a reservation to pre-order the "touch" when it becomes available, You are not paying for it when you order the rift.


          Yeah, that's fair enough. I'm in the office now, I'll make a quick amendment and credit you.

    I just want EVE Valkyrie, wonder how much it will cost on its own.

      I hate how this device isn't even out yet and already has platform exclusive bullshit. I really wanted EVE Valkyrie but all this exclusive talk has put me off the whole VR train for now.

    Probably mentioned elsewhere, but the original kickstarters are getting the new occulus for free!

    Source, my inbox :)

    From Palmer:
    "Rift preorders are different from most of the games industry. You don't get charged until we ship - no deposit lock-in, no bonus pressure."

    USD599 + postage, so around AUD$900 - which is more than I was hoping.

    $600! Holy duck! This is insane...I don't even know what to say. I was expecting At The Most $500...I'm not even sure I care to get this now. This is going to pigeon hole the entire VR movement to the elitist few...aka fail so hard it will hurt.
    I really wanted this too....I'm....I don't even know what to think anymore. Maybe Steam's VR will be more affordable.....I'm so pissed right now.
    Note that it's not that "I" can't get this, but that so many people I know can't. More importantly, the majority of consumers can't get this, meaning there won't be a market for VR gaming....you done cucked up Z. Better to have taken a loss at the start to build up a customer base, than to have out priced the vast majority of consumers. Dumb...just dumb.

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