Players Are Already Doing Crazy Things In Diablo III’s Season 5

Players Are Already Doing Crazy Things In Diablo III’s Season 5

Only a few days have passed since Season 5 started (as part of patch 2.4) in Diablo III‘s PC version, and some players are already grinding on difficulty levels that most of us will never reach. Season 5 will last three months and it’s enough time for an average player to level up a character to 70, gain a few more (or few hundred) Paragon levels, maybe even get to Torment X. But these guys are already beyond all that. They are already clearing insanely high level Greater Rifts. These are end-game dungeons where you have to reach and kill a boss in 15 minutes. If you’re fast enough you can progress and try a harder level. A level 20 Greater rift shouldn’t be a big deal. A level 45? Not if you have a well thought-out build. Level 80? Now that’s crazy!

Here’s Alkaizer rushing through a level 82 Greater Rift with his Crusader.

Lots of Crusaders this season, but here’s Quin, a powerful Wizard, clearing a level 80 Greater Rift. And a Rift boss with almost 9 trillion HP? Suuuureee.

These are difficulty levels where even the best geared ones can only progress when everything is perfect: when the rift layout’s favourable (large open spaces instead of a labyrinth of narrow routes), it’s filled with easier monster types and monster density is satisfying.

And it’s interesting to see that only Crusaders, Wizards and maybe Barbarians have viable builds to do these challenges. Not a single Demon Hunter, Monk or Witch Doctor among the top players.

Top pic: Fan-art by Vablo


  • How on earth can someone reach 800 paragon levels in 5 days! I’m at paragon 24 and I thought I was playing a bit too much!

    • Very easily. Play with friends and play on the difficulty just below the maximum you can do. Personally I’m 352 and I’ve skimped on about 4 days of play this week. Also only do rifts, grifts and bounties.

    • I’m at 350 after a week. Cube a leorics crown and gem whatever helm with a flawless royal ruby. XP is crazy.

      I dropped the bonus when I specced DMO wiz, but at GR60+ the XP is insane anyway.

    • Well with quin69 he streams regularly for about 20 hours straight. Most of the top players with 600+ paragon/ GR 70+ have highly tuned builds designed for gr running in groups. Check out quin69 on twitch if you want to see. He is from NZ ?

      I’m currently at about paragon 250 on my wizard just from playing a couple of hours a day. Find a good clan/ group to run with and you can get loads of paragon easily

      • Find a good clan/ group to run with
        Ahh yes, that old chestnut. The number of games I’d still be playing if it were that easy…

        • It’s actually quite easy. Diablo 3 has a built in clan and community finder so its easy to find a group of like minded people ?

          • I think when a lot of people say finding groups is hard, they probably mean it’s hard for them to socially interact with other people. There’s a lot of shut-ins online that have difficulty interacting with others. Not saying Jocon is like that, just meant as a general observation.

          • Not I. It’s hard when you are an Aussie with a full time job and occasional other commitments.
            Finding a regular group of peeps with the same level of commitment and attitude that are actually in the same timezone is harder than you’d think it should be.
            Destiny was a great example of this: I could find aussies who could only play sporadically or were the hardest of core. I could find the perfect regular team that I meshed great with, but who normally played while I was at work.
            Never the right combo.

          • I can’t comment on Destiny personally, but I’ve never had much trouble finding groups that play in Australian evenings or weekends for Diablo and World of Warcraft. Blizzard games seem to be pretty good for getting a cross-section of people in different timezones that want to play.

            As for commitment and attitude in clan members, I guess that’s down to personal preference so I can’t say how easy it’d be to find people that meet yours, but mine were met fairly easily at least.

          • This has been an issue for me as well. A full time job and a young family means that I can only play sporadically and I’m pretty sure clans require you to be playing on a regular basis. I could be wrong though. I don’t mind playing on my own but I know it’s much better when you play in a group. I haven’t tried public games but I’ve heard that there a spammers on there so I don’t want to get stooged.

    • paragon levels are easy to come by especialy when you start doing high tier greater rifts. i was paragon 400 by sunday night last week in this current season.

  • This Season (5) me and my friends had 500 paragon levels in 4 days and we were overboard on the hours sunk into it. The conquests this season are damn challenging, as well as Mastering Set dungeons

  • both those videos are a perfect example how stupid “lets play” can be. there is something very egotistical about having a face cam at the best of times, but when you dont actually say anything or have any sort of expressions why bother? Especially given how dull lets play of diablo III can be (not all games translate to watching not playing). Because lets face it, the brilliance of playing it is that it becomes hypnotic and you get tunnel vision levels of focus.

    • they are doing crazy things. Not many have the skill to talk when competing for the international title. The quality gained of watching these letsplays is in the tips for veteran players and the gameplay tweaks you cant grasp without watching the top players.

    • Except these aren’t lets play videos. They are excerpt’s from a stream. As a regular watcher of quin69 I can tell you he is quite interactive. But when he needs to concentrate he’ll tell the stream.

  • I love the whole idea around seasons (currently clearing GR70’s with my new barb at Paragon 500), but while Blizzard refuse to crack down on botters/cheaters, trying to ever achieve anything remotely in the top 100/1000 of a season leader board is fruitless, so I mainly aim to try and be at the top of my clan leader boards now.

    One clear example, 2 days into this season, Blizzard confirmed that the meta Barb build contained a glitch to do with Furious Charge animations (which was introduced in the 2.2 patch and had been pointed out to Blizzard on the PTR prior to 2.4 release), but they refuse to fix it “mid season” as to not upset the leader boards. It was TWO days into a 3 month season, hardly “mid-season”….so the only way to currently top the Barb leaderboards is to take advantage of the glitch build yourself.

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