A Co-Op Horror Game Where You Do The Scaring

Imagine a horror game where you create the scenario. Other players are the victim, and someone else is the hero.

Sounds great, right?

That’s the premise of Kaidan, a co-op horror game where you scare the shit out of other players.

Storytellers create horror stories using our proprietary tool called the Kaidan System. Players of varying skill levels will find the Kaidan system both intuitive and deep; they can simply start by changing variables of pre-existing content or dive deeper, write backstories, design stages, riddles, puzzles and multiple endings. These stories will be shared in the community of players who can play and rate them.

It’s all super interesting stuff. I’m not sure if this is the LittleBigPlanet of the horror genre, or something more akin to the multiplayer in Left 4 Dead. Either way it all sounds super intriguing.

The game is currently in Kickstarter mode, and is looking to raise US$75,000.

Kaidan is headed to the PlayStation 4, PC and Mac platforms. If you’re curious about how all the systems work and the amount of choice you’ll actually have when creating horror scenarios, I suggest heading to the Kickstarter page. Hint: it’s pretty sizeable and definitive.

Personally, I think this sounds super cool and I want to play it.

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