Hideo Kojima's Top Ten Movies Of 2015 Might Surprise You

Hideo Kojima's Top Ten Movies of 2015 Might Surprise You

Here is a belated best-of list from a game designer who claims that 70 per cent of his body is made of movies. Today, Kojima started up a YouTube show called HideoTube, and in this first episode, he lists his favourite films released in Japan last year. It's a good list, covering an array of films and showing the game creator's love of cinema.

10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

"No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, people will complain [about Star Wars]," Kojima said. "There's nothing to complain about."

9. Fires on the Plain (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

"Movies like this are becoming fewer and far between. The [movie] business is a business, but this is a movie that was made to inform the youth."

8. Straight Outta Compton

"Even though I don't listen to much rap, I enjoyed this. It made me want to check out more rap... I really recommend this."

7. The Intern

"This is good. It has an 1980s vibe to it... Different generations can enjoy it. Recently, there are that many movies that make you feel good after seeing them."

6. Shaun the Sheep the Movie

"I actually saw this two times. It's for kids, but even if adults see it, there is humour for them. The way they use music, for instance, is in a way that kids won't appreciate... Adults who take their kids to see this can also enjoy the it."

5. Nightcrawler

"It's a little different than our current internet-based society, and it's like it's a little bit in the past, but tweaked for the present day. It was quite a scary film."

4. Locke (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

"Tom Hardy is the only person who appears in this film. There are phone calls, but all you hear are voices. The camera is inside the car. And he's driving for 86 minutes. But you don't get sick of it, and there's so much suspense."

3. Kingsman: The Secret Service

"Some people might not like it, but there are poppy and fun scenes, and even vulgar bits, but I couldn't get enough of that... The Kingsman is terrific."

2. Whiplash (Note: this was released in Japan last year)

"I could recommend this film to anyone... It's like watching an action film. The cutting and the tempo are like for an action flick."

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

"If I started talking about this film, I could go on for 24 hours. George Miller is a god... I want to be like him. Which is impossible. In his 70s, making something like this. Making what you want to make, and then having it turn out to be a hit."



    Where's the (Note: this was released in Japan last year) for Nightcrawler? I hope someone gets fired for that mistake.

    Wait, where or what's the surprise? As far as I know these are all good quality films (some of which I have watched). Should we be surprised that the video game maker whose games have some of the longest cinematics likes good movies? I don't understand.

      My thoughts exactly. Many of these are in my Top 10 too.

      Last edited 12/02/16 5:33 pm

      Shawn the Sheep instead of Inside Out would be my guess. Or maybe we were supposed to expect him listing a bunch of anime movies?

    Straight outta Compton.... It was okay, it's a pitty the left the bit out where dre beat up a female news reporter.

    Pretty solid list from what I watched out of them. If Birdman was released in 2015 in Japan that would certainly have earned a spot in my book, but not a surprising list at all.

    Well looking back through some list on the internet. I'm not surprised. Nothing really jumps out at me except predestination. Whiplash was great but makes me sad people like that exist in the world.

    And each to their own so i will say, 'Birdman was the worst movie i have seen in a long time'. no offense if you liked it. And its not an attack on said comment, only that it made me remember that movie.

    The title for this article is such vicious clickbait, lol

    I only recognise like 3 movies on this list. And Shaun the sheep I know what that is. I've only seen two of them.

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