No Lawyer Could Stop This Standing Ovation For Hideo Kojima

No Lawyer Could Stop This Standing Ovation For Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima was screwed over at last year's Video Game Awards, reportedly prevented from getting up on stage as his Metal Gear Solid V won awards. Tonight at the DICE awards, a free man with a new studio, nothing was going to stop him getting his dues. This is Kojima's reception having got up on stage to be inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame. Take a bow, sir.

Making things even more hilarious for those invested in Konami's recent award show misadventures is that Metal Gear Solid V had earlier won for "Best Action/Adventure Game".

And this happened:


    Fffffuuuuuuuuuuck Konami.

    That poor man, he's like that puppy at the shelter that spent the first year of its life being beaten. You should see his tail wag now that people call him a good boy!

    The mind boggles. Was there literally no-one at Konami with the foresight to see how these decisions would play out? What exactly was their goal here? What victory condition did they meet by being fucking jackholes to Kojima re: the awards ceremony?

    I just... I just want to know what kind of reasoning - like, actual, logical reasoning - went into the decision-making process leading up to being enormous pricks.
    What did they think they would win that would be worth what they lost? I cannot for the life of me figure out what kind of plan they're working to, here.

    Do they not know what PR is, and don't have a PR department? Do they actually have a PR department, but it's only staffed by unemployable nepotism recipients who aren't actually working but just spending their PR budget on hookers?

    Is it really just a senior management team who have decided that they hate everyone and don't care who knows it? That must be... liberating.

      having listened to reports about how konami's internal beaurocratic nonsense reaches levels rarely seen outside government departments, I would honestly be suprised if they had any PR managers who are free to give frank advice.

      The irony? The head of Konami's PR department went up to receive The Phantom Pain's awards at Son'y awards night back in December. LOL.

      If there truly is no such thing as bad publicity then their PR team has nailed it. Everyone keeps saying Konami, even if it's always prefaced with "fuck".

      Different culture. Plus i dont think they care. They're more into mobiles and pokies - bigger returns for less work.

      I still think that Mr. Kojima f****d somebody's(from the Bosses) wife or dauther. :) :-P

      Last edited 19/02/16 8:39 pm

    Well they still won and people are still buying their product which won. So they are still making tons of cash while not having to pay Kojima his commission. People outside the gaming culture probably don't know anything about this.

      Does his contract void him of royalties though? Do you have a source on this because I know he was removed from his position but most contracts that he would have used would have named him in part for royalties.

        I have no idea what he got, just speculating that they were such pricks for their own gain though.

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