Only One Person In The Entire World Has Unlocked This Steam Achievement

Only One Person In The Entire World Has Unlocked This Steam Achievement
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Most people can’t survive the hellish onslaught of Devil Daggers for more than 60 seconds. And if you watch this video, you’ll understand why.

Devil Daggers, the Super Hexagon of shooters, is so difficult that the developer, Sorath, only put a single achievement in the game. It’s called “Devil Dagger”, and for most people, it will be impossible to attain. What’s the requirement? Survive the satanic hordes for at least 500 seconds.

As of this writing, only a single player has accomplished this feat, YouTuber DraQu. Even if you’ve never heard of this game before, or if you haven’t played it, it’s worth watching his record-breaking run above. By around the 465 second mark, DraQu barely even has space to keep existing in the game. I can’t even imagine getting as far as 508 seconds into the game, holy shit.

That, and, the video is also a good showcase of why this arcade-style shooter is so amazing.

As of this writing, here’s the top leaderboard for Devil Daggers. You’ll note that DraQu has already beaten the time from the video posted above:

It also seems like DraQu has some competition, but for now, the player can bask in the knowledge of knowing they are the only person in the entire world with this ridiculous Steam achievement. Congrats, DraQu.


  • At first I misread that as survive for 60 seconds…. I was like “This isn’t that hard?” then re-read that as 500 seconds and ooooooooooooooh yeah now I understand. Damn that looks hard!

  • the graphical and sound design is incredible. large skeletal figures appearing from the shadow 10 metres or so in front of you will test anyone’s bravery.

    • Yeah somehow they’ve made a Silent Hill and Doom mashup that’s all action and is consistently frightening every second.

    • It’s super addictive, i was surprised to see i’ve put 7 hours in already! i think i’ve only made it 108 seconds :/

  • Fucking hell, that game is, I think, the most genuinely nightmare-inducing thing I’ve seen from a video game in years, if not EVER. The pitch-blackness, the horrific monster design, all skulls and tentacles and insect legs, the awful soundscape created by your own weaponry howling and gobbling and throbbing, the complete lack of context that really makes it seem like nothing more than some kind of oppressive fever dream, it’s genuinely terrifying.

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