You Can Get RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 For Basically Nothing

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As it turns out, today's a great day. Why? Because you can get one of the best rollercoaster management games for more or less next to nothing.

There aren't a great deal of show-stoppers in the latest Humble Bundle, bar one. That one is RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, which also happens to be available for the grand old price of "pay what you want".

Which is actually $US1 — that's the amount you have to pay if you want a Steam key, anyway. The DRM-free version is a little more malleable if you want to mess around with mods, especially if you'd like to play these classic games with improved widescreen support and all the other bells and whistles that fans put together.

Picking up RCT2 for basically nothing is already worth it, especially if Planet Coaster caught your eye earlier this year. That's not the only other benefit though: you'll also get Devil Daggers and Runestone Keeper at the first tier, while Prison Architect and the castle simulator Stronghold Crusader 2 are available for around $6.50 (the going average at the time of writing).

This isn't one of the flashier bundles; the top tier is basically a 50% discount on an early-access open world survival game, a genre which isn't exactly starved of competition. But getting one of the RollerCoaster Tycoon games for a song, even if it's just to gift to a friend, is still worth taking two minutes out of your day.

And for what it's worth: Devil Daggers is pretty damn good too. So do yourself a favour, and pick up both for bugger all.


    Download OpenRCT2 to enable modern resolutions and the ability to Alt-Tab out of that game.

    On the tracks where go karts are available, build the smallest one you can (so entry/exit, hairpin, 2 straights, hairpin), set the laps to 10, and cost to $2 and they'll lap it up. Wrap the path around the track, and you end up with a 5x5 (or 6x5if you want a little more line path) little nugget of gold.

    Think I've had over 70 of em in one park, just lined up one after the other wherever they fit.

      Go Kart Tycoon?

        Ended up that way :) Go karts arent available on every track, so its not a golden solution, but when you want to just get through a track that asks for X people by October year 3, or something like that, its a fairly straightforward way to achieve the goal.

        Didnt mean I didnt put other things in, making coasters was always fun, but there were usually one or two small footprint options that the crowds ended up loving, and hence easy to build to use maximum space.

    Build the longest ride, fill it with spooky stuff: Mr Bones Wild Ride, the fun never ends.

    One of the most entertaining internet stories i've ever read.

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