Some Very Fancy Legend Of Zelda Cosplay

Some Very Fancy Legend Of Zelda Cosplay

This is...well, let's say it's a bit more dedicated than your average Zelda cosplay.

This Link shoot went all out, from the horse to the props to the location. Even the song was made just for this occasion, a remix of the Zelda theme by Aurelia XO and Rekcahdam.

Cosplay by Tanya Istel and Cosnavi.


    I'd love to see a male actually cosplay Link

      They do, it's just that they're not nearly as newsworthy I guess?

        Yeah 100% correct, saw some pics of dark link that was pretty cool

    That bomb section cracked me up. Not only did the cosplayer never look at the explosions, the part where they run with the bomb looked a lot like the Adam West Batman episode. There was a huge factual inaccuracy though. When the cosplayer drinks the milk, she doesn't put her hand on her hip and take a big gulp. Worst ... cosplay ... ever.

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