The Latest One Piece Collectible: Luffy As A Woman

The Latest One Piece Collectible: Luffy as a Woman

I'm fairly certain nobody asked for this, but here we are: Luffy from One Piece gets turned into a lady for upcoming merch. As pointed out on 2ch, MegaHouse, which is part of Bandai Namco, recently showed an unpainted prototype of a female Luffy D. Monkey:

The Latest One Piece Collectible: Luffy as a Woman

[Image via 2ch]

The enormous curves shouldn't be a surprise in light of other One Piece characters like Nami, Robin or Boa Hancock, but yeah, MegaHouse's move appears to be putting enormous breasts on the male characters and then trying to pass them off as women. This is also evident in the Trafalgar Law "turned into a girl" figure.

The Latest One Piece Collectible: Luffy as a Woman

[Image via 2ch]

The above article clearly states that this version is "Not Officially Recognised", which is probably MegaHouse's way of avoiding additions to One Piece canon. Of course, at the bottom, there are an array of copyrights including for Eiichiro Oda and Fuji TV, so this is "official", but just not "official".

Top image: Fuji | Eiichiro Oda

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    Luffy as a woman? But how are they going to work around the open shirt-oh they didn't...

    Why do they always seem to go for the inflated tits?

      1. That's the art style the creator wanted to go with
      2. Because women have boobs? Have you seen Monkey D Luffy cross players? They either have boobs or are flat as a board. Mind you they don't do the open shirt thing, but a tight closed shirt

    Yeah, nobody asked for them but they will prob sell like crazy

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