AMD Is Making A VR-AR Headset Of Their Own

AMD Is Making A VR-AR Headset Of Their Own

So we’ve got the HTC Vive. There’s the Rift-powered Samsung Gear VR. The actual Rift. PlayStation VR. And StarVR, even though we haven’t heard a great deal about that. And let’s not forget Microsoft’s HoloLens, even though that’s a different technology altogether.

As it turns out, AMD are making a headset of their own — but it’s a blend of both worlds.

According to AMD, it’s the world’s first tether-free headset for spatial computing, augmented reality and virtual reality. The claims are pretty straightforward — and lofty:

There are no confusing minimum specs to be concerned with. No tangled wires to hold you back. No external tracking systems for movement or gestures. Everything you need is on-board. Just put it on and go.

Sounds pretty good, but manufacturers have made plenty of lofty promises before.

The Sulon Q is scheduled to launch in autumn, and we’ll undoubtedly hear a lot more about its capabilities before the end of GDC. But the fun question is: how much do you think it’ll cost? Cast your vote below!

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  • Wow that is quite some protrusion. Any wonder it’s got the pack on the back, need that counterbalance.

    Gotta wonder how badly that makes it wobble with faster head movements though.

  • So is this just some sort of PC headset or will be allow for playing pc games on? I dont…

    So its a full PC in a headset? proprietary games? no thanks.

  • I didn’t see anything in the video indicating that it’s actually being developed by AMD. It sounds like a separate company that is using AMD GPUs in their VR solution, possibly with some marketing help. I couldn’t see anything saying they are an AMD subsidiary.

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