Is Oculus Working With Samsung On A VR Headset?

That's the rumour at least — that the team at Oculus is working with Samsung on some sort of VR headset. This leaked image could be that headset.

But it's not exactly a fully fledged VR headset ala the Oculus Rift, more like a fancier version of the Google Cardboard prototype that was doing the rounds a couple of weeks back, in that it'll contain a phone and work in tandem with it.

It's being referred to as 'Gear VR' and unlike Google Cardboard, which is a bit more low tech, the device may have the ability to work in tandem with a rear facing camera, which will enable all sort of augmented reality gimmickery.

It sounds interesting. Very recently I spoke to a chap working on virtual reality cameras that capture virtual reality footage of real life: he said that devices like the Oculus Rift would fit into your pocket, and that would happen sooner than we might think. Maybe we're looking at the first step towards that evolution.

Exclusive: Samsung’s virtual reality headset will be called Gear VR, launch at IFA 2014 [Sammobile]

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    As much as i love vr, it won't be as simple as fitting in your pocket. Some times screens are better eg. Hardcore multi player games.

    The combination of AR and VR is going to be the future for several reasons (including safety) and nintendo actually has more ducks in a row to make it work than anyone else:

      I remember seeing some talks about this research about 10 years ago:

      It was pretty cool, but very bulky by today's standards.

        Yeah, that's the problem with being ahead of the technology. We're now in a place where the tech exists and at a reasonable cost, it just needs to be combined.

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        too bad they haven't updated the tech in a decade.

    Samsung are getting involved? Be prepared for Apple to sue and counter sue for something

    I don't see VR happening until it can run by itself without the need of a external PC or PS4. Even once that happens I don't see it being more than a fad. If people don't want to wear glasses for 3D why would they want to wear an entire headgear.

      I think 3D was always a bridging technology - the stereoscopic effect wasn't enough of an improvement over existing flat-panels to convince the general public it was WORTH putting glasses on in order to benefit from it.
      VR is a different beast. I reckon it'll become mainstream regardless of whether or not glasses are involved. Once they start making the headsets marketable and visually appealing, and maybe pay a couple of celebs to be snapped using them in public, the stigma will go away and it'll just be another consumer device. And, ten years after that, a ubiquitous consumer device.

    I don't think VR will be as big as everyone thinks due to the fact it makes you feel sick. I have the Oculus Rift and i can still get sick after playing certain types of games, all of my friends get sick after 10 mins of using it. Jumping and falling in a game makes your stomach feel queasy which will be off putting to most people.

    Some games will benefit greatly with VR others will not.

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