Attack On Titan’s Multiplayer Is The Game’s Best Part

Attack On Titan’s Multiplayer Is The Game’s Best Part

What could be better than mass murdering titans with swords as you fly around like Spider-Man? Doing it with three other people, of course.

A few weeks back I put up my impressions of the new Attack on Titan game. While the game absolutely made me feel like a titan-killing badarse and the main plot had me excited from beginning to end, the game’s endless side missions eventually became a boring slog.

The reason for this wasn’t simply the repetition, it was that killing all the titans in each level — especially if you were gathering materials by cutting off arms and legs first — took way too much time to be enjoyable. After all, you alone are responsible for killing every single titan. You can’t rely on the NPCs to do anything but buy time and eventually die.

However, having three additional competent human players changes everything.

Attack on Titan‘s multiplayer patch turns what was a slog into a joy. You only need to make the killing blow on four or five titans yourself to get an S-rank, making teamwork a real asset. You can split up and handle the dregs quickly, then come together and take out the bosses at high speed. Strategy is likewise suddenly an option as one player can distract a titan while the others hack at its weak points. But best of all, levels that used to take thirty minutes now take ten.

Another bonus is that death doesn’t equal a game over. Instead you sit where you died in a penalty box of sorts for 90 seconds or until another player comes and rescues you. Also, in a game where resource management is so important, it’s great to see that you don’t share resources among the team, so there’s no worry about someone else taking the last set of new blades when all you have are broken stumps.

Basically, it’s exactly what I hoped the multiplayer would be like. If you want to know more, check out the video above and let me walk you through it.

Attack on Titan was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on 18 February 2016. It is scheduled for a Western release sometime in 2016.


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