Black Desert Lays Out Horrible Pre-Launch Problems In Convenient ‘Shitstorm Matrix’

Black Desert Lays Out Horrible Pre-Launch Problems In Convenient ‘Shitstorm Matrix’

Still in head start access until tomorrow, Black Desert Online‘s North American launch has already encountered enough serious issues to fill a chart. The devs are calling it the “Shitstorm Matrix.”

I appreciate giving a list of serious problems a less than serious name, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of the problems players have run into and the solutions the developers are offering, which include players deleting their characters and starting over.

A substantial chunk of the issues detailed on Ye Old Shitestom Matrix stem for a technical issue that saw folks creating characters thinking they were going to be on one server only to discover they’d wound up on another entirely. That resulted in missed connections with guilds or friends as well as one-time preorder items being claimed on the wrong server.

The only solution Daum Games can offer at this point isn’t much of one. Players will have to delete and remake their characters on the correct server. There’s a claimed pre-order item wipe happening tomorrow, with tickets reissued to the players affected. That should also fix issues with duplicate preorder items and those that failed to be delivered to their intended recipient for technical reasons.

Black Desert Lays Out Horrible Pre-Launch Problems In Convenient ‘Shitstorm Matrix’It’s kind of like the Firestorm Matrix, really.

It’s kind of like the Firestorm Matrix, really.

The players that are really up in arms over at the official forums are those who reserved their character names prior to launch, only to blow their name on the wrong server. Looking at the solutions column of the Shitstom Matrix, those players will have to wait to have their name’s swapped until the end of this month. As one forum member put it:

“So NOW the people that had their characters moved from Edan to Orwan get NO compensation beyond what everyone gets AND have to wait until the 30th to get their proper names? That’s over a MONTH without the names they reserved for their mains! In a PVP game, NAMES MATTER> It’s all about personal reputation. You don’t see Surnames in chat, only character names!”

And finally there are folks who thought they were getting a certain degree of preorder head start access but did not receive it due to naming issues in the game’s online store.

On the plus side, Daum Games also uncluded a chart in its post outlining the compensation it would be doling out in response to the head start issues.

Black Desert Lays Out Horrible Pre-Launch Problems In Convenient ‘Shitstorm Matrix’

On the minus side, this game’s going to be slammed once it goes wide tomorrow, and nothing exacerbates issues like a massive influx of fresh faces. Fingers crossed, everybody.


  • I was affect by the Serendia issue.
    Also, due to being Australia, not only was I unable to play due to Serendia issues, I have been hit with maintenances on both Monday and Today. Working full time means I have had around 6 hours total during this entire headstart, when I should have had around 22~ hours given my work schedule.

    • I’m right there with you. Live in Australia, work full-time and was on Conq head start. If you did not see this coming though, I would question how many MMOs you have played. Short of those with OCE servers, we have always been screwed by maintenance schedules. I ain’t even mad, it’s a fact of life at this point.

  • Some people should never be allowed to play MMO’s in their pre-launch or the weeks after. If you cant be willing to look over the mayhem, roll with the downtime and/or/both the cycle of exploits and fixes, you are best to stay clear. Its the nature of the beast.

  • what exactly is the issue here?
    It’s a shit fest korean MMORPG, did you actually expect something decent?

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