Dystopian Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler? Yes, Please

Dystopian Cyberpunk Dungeon Crawler? Yes, Please.

Video: BRB, going into cryo-sleep until Divide is out.

Creeping paranoia. Floating holographic displays. Foreboding, labyrinthine research installations. Divide tickles my sci-fi proclivities in all the right places. If we're lucky, this will offer a mix of Flashback, Shadow Complex and Memento straight to players when it hits PS4.


    While it does look cool, it also looks like it's not going to be great to play. So much stuff that's obscured because of the dark lighting and everything. Very hard to tell if you're looking at a target and stuff.

      But maybe that's going to be used really well to heighten the tension? I think it's quite thematic and could be a blast. Guess we'll wait and see ^_^

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